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  1. Post an image of whatever you want at exactly 12am whatever timezone youre in. please no porn or nasty pics.
  2. ello everyone. when i start up my configuration file and after the apple logo loads with the grey screen the apple changes to a "not available" icon. At the bottom of the executions in the Output Console it says: [iO/CUDA] keyb reg1 Does anyone know what all of this means?
  3. you mean dont QUOTE the image HE uploaded in the purpose of asking HIM a question??? umm COUGHlameCOUGH whatever you say.
  4. Thanks jpgodlew. Sranshaft what image are you talking about? and whos Unbe??
  5. yo where did you get that wallpaper? im flying back home to california on the 10th and id like to use that untill i get back
  6. HI there everyone. My name is Shane Im 20 Im a model and an actor entrepreneur and everything else. Got a lil Photobloggin site going: TheLapYap Ive been big on skinning windows for quite some time. Wuvs Macs Found this site some years ago but jsut never posted for some reason now I do and I love all of you guys. we should all hug, and kiss, and touch..ooo touch. AHEM Alrigt Happy to be here and happy new year to all of you.!
  7. Heres my desktop going into the new year. Just a clean tiger like interface. I kept the taskbar rather than objectbar because I find it more practical. Tell me what you think. Dirty - Clean
  8. POOF! you own the DC of donnie darko.. except its all scatched when you get it! I wish for more wishes?
  9. n this game, the first poster (me) must make a wish. the next person, must screw up that wish and then make another wish, then the third person must screw up the second persons wish, and make another. --- Example Poster 1: I wish I was at disneyland right now Poster 2: POOF! Your at disneyland but the rollercoaster cart comes off and hits a random bomb and the place explodes I wish I had a million dollars Poster 3: POOF! You got your million dollars, monopoly dollars I wish I was at home right now. Get it? Good. I will start ---- I wish I had brand new untouched 20inch iMac G5.. droooll
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