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  1. Thank you hypersummer for the great suggestions. This little project began as an excuse for me to learn the ins and outs of programming and working on being better at the most annoying part, bugs. I have yet to really make an extension so I'm looking forward to doing so. I'm sorry for anyone who was recently waiting up for an update, but I've been busy. i believe the next update, whenever it comes, will transition this little thing from a mod of just the display to a complete overhaul of the functions and core. I've always been bad at naming variables; I simply write them as I can. That's w
  2. Sorry, can you reupload the image? The link is dead for me. I'm having problems right now with a bookmark link for firefox, so I might finally start thinking out of the res box and get something done. Then I might merge preferences with the official options/preferences as does Safari and TabBrowser Preferences. Bookmarks would just be of the RSS page then, so more space could be freed up for multiple sources.
  3. Sorry to all of those waiting for an update. I haven't asked for permission with the modder for me to merge our projects, so I'll keep this release unofficial for now: www.badongo.com/file/690745 To those curious, here's what might be coming down the pipeline: - redirect rss pages to sage - bookmark link under actions of sidebar (prepends "chrome://sage/content/direct.xul?url=") - (custom) rss pages aggregate from multiple sources and finally functionality for sources of sidebar (select only in multi page) - optional shadow And can anyone with Firefox on Mac confirm that the search b
  4. Sorry, Autumnmist for the late reply but I've all but removed the link to the theme. I've stopped all development (including bug fixes) because it's frustrating for ****ies like me to find their way through all the css files. This is magnified with my all too slow computer. On a brighter note, Sage-Safari has been updated to 0.5, skipping a couple of version numbers due to the large number of changes.
  5. I was hoping I could tackle that but I believe that is something more along the lines of the Sage core because I'd probably have to mod the XUL and the code of their sidebar. That would probably make it much harder to use this mod for future Sage updates. If you want to fix that, it may be hard; I'm not sure I really want to go into localization...you could just edit the file template-html.txt and safari.js in the chrome folder (Application Data) as mentioned in the main post although any mods to my mod would make it impossible to effectively update.
  6. I'm sorry but a header shadow hasn't ever been included in a release. I believe Nicesnake modded my mod to achieve the effect, probably by just changing the header image and resizing the element. By the way, in case anyone is wondering, I'm working on what may be the final release (0.5). It will employ Javascript cookies, in keeping with tradition of remaining completely independent of the Sage core, to add true support for "new" items and global settings...hopefully some fancy animations will work out too.
  7. Binary, that's a big big bug; thanks for letting me know...getDate() only returns the day, not the year and month ...i'll have to quickly fix all those pubDate functions Does sorting by title work? I checked the feed - it's a problem because there is no pubDate, only post time so vBulletin didn't bother to follow the proper XML feed format. before the newer releases the whole feed would break but now at least it declines gracefully but I guess not gracefully enough. In the next release, I'll remove all the ui elements of the functions that don't work without pubDate. CNiles, another bug!
  8. the taskbar icon is very buggy and at best not recommended. instead you can just create a shortcut to the widget file and put it in your dock. the security code warning is really messed up; for the next version I'll make an option to disable the check when you know you've got the code right. I'll have to try the x button again. sorry, if you feel insecure, but I feel there is no other way to do it. the security code is needed to access the google desktop frontend, from there the widget just grabs and formats the xml of the results. I do not believe that if I send the code myself I could acc
  9. I actually prefer to not have the shadow, just for readability. If the sidebar is not fixed, it probably means you didn't maximize your window. I designed it so if your Firefox window is too small that part of the sidebar functionality is unreachable then the sidebar is no longer fixed until you resize the window.
  10. Download the latest version. Make sure you didn't change the CSS, especially the part with z-index: 100.
  11. I currently use an extension called LiveLines. It doesn't exactly open the feed in the content area; it just adds it automatically to Sage. It probably is possible but it would require modding of the Sage core, something I do not wish to do so just the content/res folder needs to be copied into future releases. The sidebar (almost) depends on item descriptions. The feed you posted has none so I guess you could call it a bug, in the next release I'll probably hide Article Length for those kinds of feeds and make sure everything else is working. Edit: Because I have no life, I just pos
  12. Sorry, evan I can't help you on TabBrowser Extensions because I use TabBrowser Preferences instead. All my other extensions seem to work fine with it. And yes, I know that other bug though and I'm going to fix that as soon as I can. Thanks for the tip. shockme, I thought about doing that but I hate frames. If I get around to another release, that'll be at the top of my list.
  13. To install with Toolbar Icon: 1. Change the extension from zip to widget. 2. Right click the Spotlight Icon and in the Windows tab, choose Topmost 3. Drag the widget over your taskbar, using the Drag Me Around text (might be hard to read, if you try to drag the icon it will just open the results bar over it) 4. Click on the Spotlight icon 5. Drag the results bar (the other window that spawned in the center) right under the taskbar's Spotlight icon 6. Right click the Spotlight icon and in the Windows tab choose Lock Positions 7. To remove the Drag Me Around text, in the Display tab, disable Sho
  14. sorry, i didn't know aqua-soft allowed uploading...links updated
  15. 0.5 All downloads are included as attachments. This project seems to be the most promising and the only one that has the possibility to lead somewhere. I know something like this has been done before but this one includes a mostly working sidebar and one of the more accurate templates with some usability changes. This is much more of a mod than a skin although it only uses javascript and some modding of the templates. Important: The download will be of 0.2.2 despite whatever version number it says above because I'm too lazy to constantly re-upload the file. Instead the extension
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