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  1. I´ve begin making a Leopard iCal ... but like a lot of project, never finish it. The bigger probloem of that skin is that rainlendar reaches like 30MB of ram .... Your idea is really cool! I really love your sidebar, so maybe i will star making this .... Good idea
  2. This calc works with keyboard ... maybe can be usefull to see how to fix dashboard´s calc http://widgets.yahoo.com/widgets/minicalc
  3. ive know so many widget loose its keyboard features. BTW ...weather didnt update using weather . I put my Yahoo weather and Dashboard weather and Yahoo did updated, but dashboard didnt. I tried clicking degress symbol, but nothing happens. I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina ... i dont think location must be a problem ...
  4. Thanks for answering that! i will try using wheater.com data. Another widget with a bigger bug is the dashboard calculator . Simply ..doesnt support keyboard ...so i have to use mouse to use it ....
  5. More than 2 years without replies ...but i have to write ... The widget is really amazing, work exactly like dashboard´s , but since las YWE update, it didnt refresh data ... I tried to push the degree button, but nothing happens . I´ve compared with Yahoo weather to see this ... dont refresh data . Hope siosae read this and can fix it. ...
  6. I dont know where, but im sure theres a few translation pack around there. Im working right now in a Rainlendar 2.1 skin with Leopard look. Soon ill post a preview screen.
  7. Weird for me. In Argentina starts at monday, but all my calendars sets to start on Sunday Can we see a preview ss of your calendar? Yahoo´s is awful! I´m waiting for a dashboard calendar!
  8. You have to close objectdock and open again and icons looks ok again
  9. Then when MovieClerck will be the best for all of us ? (kinda bump ....sorry, but i thought it was a good moment to ask ....)
  10. OMG! 3 years later !!!! I´m having same problem with 2 digits numbers .... The problem is when i use "cords instead of alignment". Using align Top, left, etc i don´t have the bug. But in this case font can´t be changed ... HOPE AFTER 3 YEARS YOU KNOW HOW TO FIX IT!
  11. Please upload iCal and DVDPlayer icons ... Blue screen of death!!!! :):)
  12. Another one .... http://cablemodem.fibertel.com.ar/liquidbr...ayer/index.html
  13. Juan Pablo II . Se ha ido un gran hombre. Que tu alma descanse en paz John Paul II. A great man has gone. Your soul rest in peace.
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