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  1. Lol Yeah, exactly. I had a mac mini before i realized that it wasn't powerful enough for me and the remote was awesome, probably the best part of my mini (Other then OSX). Great to know that theres an alternative to the Apple Remote I'll be picking one up ASAP. Thx again
  2. Hi, My computer is nearly fully customized to the way I love. However, I was wondering if there was an alternative to the Apple Remote for Windows. Obviously, Frontrow would not be avaible for windows but I was wondering if there was a remote out there that may work with iTunes, Windows Media Player, Nero Home or one of the windows media players. I have heard of the Logitech Harmony remotes, however I don't need all the features they have and they're quite pricey. Would the Harmonies even work without Windows XP Media Player Edition? Anyways I'm not sure if there is a product out there but if
  3. damnit, lol that was my idea. Lol i did this on my Mac Mini (Which i returned later b/c i realized for the same price i could a PC that's like 3x better). I'm also planning on doing this when i get my MacBook. C'mon whats better then that, you have OSX for when you want to use mac then if you need a PC program you have your Emulated Windows XP OSX. Although i might keep vista how it is or find a sexy theme for it that different from Leopard just to have variety. lol its funny how people don't understand why? Cause Windows is as ugly as a face after **** chaney shot it, and OSX is sexy. When yo
  4. What is the most realistic OSX Tiger Theme out for Windows XP (You can use Windows Blinds).
  5. That looks very pretty i'm hoping to see something of that quality as a MS Style. Very nice though taskbar looks very aquaish.
  6. http://www.guistyles.com/2006/09/17/mac-os-x-leopard-129/ A leopard theme for XP, although as you can see it's incomplete. I'm thinking something along these lines but more complete/polished. Hopefully with the implemention of the automated search feature in Windows Vista spotlight will be avaible in a more sophisticated fashion. (Shouldn't be too difficult considering the basis of the system is right into the system). Some may argue that spotlight isn't very usefull since you will already have the windows search function but i think it would be to cool to finally have the little blue icon i
  7. Like i said, I know Vista isn't realeased yet but you CAN get a hold of the test version which is like 99% complete (Internal code wise). So my request was that developers start looking into vista (as I will do too-even though i know very little about internal skinning) as opposed to making new Windows XP themes because come early January or possibly earlier, they will be outdate since most people will switch to Vista. Like mentioned earlier, this is more of a disscusion thread so that developers/theme users can disscuss the information they have found, progress, suggestions and ideas. So hope
  8. Well if Leopard ran natively on PCs i would... but I don't own a mac (although i did -returned it) and I can't afford to go out a buy a mac (At least not until the summer when i'm going to get my Macbook). I love the mac interface, its 100x better than windows but I had a short budget and could afford a mac mini which I realized wouldn't be enough. So because I needed a more powerfull computer, but with a small budget I was forced to go PC. That being said I love Mac and would love to use a new OS X theme on Vista if avaible to make my ugly PC look more mac like.
  9. I'm hoping there will be a flyakite version avaible for Vista I hate thinking that i will need to use the ugly Aero interface. Hopefully Flyakite 4 will make Vista look more a like hm.... leopard? With new support for clearler fonts, higher resolution icons, an intergrated Spotlight already worked in (Can u say huge for devs working on spotlight clones), Vista may provide huge possibilties in the emulation world. So i hope Devolopers will begin to stop working on XP into Tiger and more on Vista into Leopard.
  10. I know neither operating system has been released yet so its kind of early to think of visual styles, but i'm hoping by the time Vista is released developers will begin to create a leopard like interface. With the new features in Vista, it should make customing even easier and results seem more realistic than on windows XP wich didn't support many advanced features: Clarity on fonts, changing the side the buttons are on-without additional programs etc.. Unlike windows XP, Vista will feature support for higher resolution icons, clearer text and many other features. So i'm hoping someone will ma
  11. lol weird well i'm gonna try to remove all the spy ware i can hopefully it'll work. Thanks again for the help c ya.
  12. Ok well thx for the help. It seems that the problem has to do with spyware so it's going to be annoying to remove. At least now i know it wasn't the plug-in.
  13. Hey, I just installed the MPlugin for iTunes a few days ago. It was working fine for a while then all of a sudden (Today) iTunes wouldn't open. I double click on the icon and it would act like it's loading but then iTunes doesn't open and nothing happens. I've treid unistalling/reinstalling many times. I've treid reinstalling quicktime. And nothing works. Quicktime is also screwed it opens but only for like half of a second then closes does anyone what this problem could be? Thanks allot for the help.
  14. Yea i your right didn't realize that he doesn't add things that are mostly eye candy. It's a very nice program though to try anyways but i guess it wouldn't fit with the flyakite installer. People should still check it out for sure. It's a much faster browser then IE and way nicer interface and has a few nice functions. BTW: Maybe on the new site he could add a like Extra Software section and post links to things like Savana and the Control Panels apps and stuff lik that. It would be a nice add-on to the site.
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