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  1. Really cool shot. Could you send me the trash icon from the dock? Thanks
  2. My favourite visual style. Cheers!
  3. Haha mine too, mine too To QuubeLC: Thanks a lot It's my first wallpaper ever!
  4. DO NOT TOUCH wallpaper pack Just a wallpaper pack i thought i'd share on dA, and now here too! EDIT: The file is now correct, you can download both variations, fullscreen and widescreen
  5. Here is mine: OS: Ubuntu 7.04 Theme: MurrinaLooks_AOV Metacity: Murrine Wallpaper: AQUADROME by ~ve1n Icons: Tango
  6. zeeR

    My VS

    I like it! I think that, with a bit of attention to the details, it would look really good as a VS... And it would be perfect if there was a glossy version too, and a Windows Start menu version...
  7. zeeR


    That's really nice, minimalistic, yet with nice details... Using it
  8. I second this...Is there a new release on its way?... I'd really like to try this..
  9. Wow...I'm downloading it right away, the Buuf icons are beautiful, and this Shellpack makes them look even more "integrated" on XP looks... Awesome job
  10. All info on deviantART! I'm in love with Ubuntu...
  11. If you use Ubuntu in it, 20GB is more than enough, on my laptop i have ubuntu installed on a small 15GB partition! And 480Mb Ram is also enough for Linux, I have 512Mb and never had a slowdown Now, if you want Windows, then you should have at least 40GB HDD, and think of upgrading to 1GB Ram... I would like to buy a computer like that to be my Linux box. so I wouldn't have to dualboot anymore...=p
  12. Here is my take on what the default Ubuntu look should be: The theme is the default one, the icons too, the wallpaper can be found in this pack. However, the font is different, the top panel is smaller and has a custom made background, and there is no bottom panel.
  13. It's Calibri, size 9...You can find it in several visual styles, and you can even google and download the font
  14. My new Ubuntu desktop, clean install http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/45920418/ Details on dA
  15. Hooray!! hmmm, lemme guess...you also like red and brown?..or maybe you also think the best iPod is the black nano 2g?
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