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  1. This is all I have in my library
  2. • Yeah , I saw that one already. • No where says It's the oficial icon , and the Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended still comes with the blue square icon.
  3. Thankz for da link Liquival . now i know where they got that crop icon I posted . ( bad crop BTW )
  4. I like the icon , good ? 'course i'ts good. ( but I just don't like the idea of calling it "New Photoshop icon " yes . you can call it whatever you want . but ' oficially ' I don't think so. Iv'e read this in alot af forums and none of the links says it's oficial . no even Adobe. if you hav a oficial link please post it ) BTW . Great icon !!!
  5. I think this is a crop . Don't remember where i got it. •••
  6. Buuuuuuuuuuu !!!!!! Arriba Las CHIVAS CABRONES !!!!!!!!!!
  7. ••• My Desk for this days.
  8. Yeeah. I'm not 100% sure. but I think Jonas made them.
  9. Have you guys seen the icons for the new Office Version. Good Looking , ha. Wanna see the final release !!! [if it's not OK to post this , Mods, please delete it ] [hope you don't]
  10. Thank you , I just wanna make sure everyone gets that. • Credit to the original author. BTW thankz, you are so kind.
  11. OK . Here are some quick-mods. working on more.
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