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  1. See! I knew timmy could do it :6 now i can go back to browsing using my spy name
  2. Wow that has got to be the best gaming template i've ever seen. If i werent a designer, i'd definetly buy it for atleast $100. It shouldn't take long for it to sell. Timan's my new role model.
  3. and im troy mclour(sp).. btw dude, dont post passwords and usernames here, its not good + ppl who want to attempt it will be spoiled.
  4. Smily addict. im gonna get it sooner or later
  5. Senior member isnt all that great, u dont have a voice against big brother (goku ), you cant ban people, you cant kick people, and your stuck with this S. Member tab thingy so you forcefully have to be respected by da n00bz =/ its a sad sad life here u sure ur up for it?
  6. okay how about a bet here just for old times sakes. u proove to us that u get ur powerbook and ur display, and then we all give u a coke party, AND make you into a Senior Member!
  7. this always work with my mom and dad. first be a good kid and make some money of your own. I usually sell some designs or something, and tell them that with this new computer, you can make more money, or get a cool online job that requires this computer. then think of other reasons to make it seem so valuable. besure to tell them they have benefits too like u wont ever bother them, and, tell them that you will pay them back after u get a job or with the money you will "generate" from the computer if that doesnt work, then play the lotto.
  8. does anyone have a marble in the house? we need to test it out in reality. btw great job Kimmie, keep up the good work.
  9. u know what would be cool? if u can make it stay on top all the time! try to do that.
  10. Whoa.. Just opened my browser, clicked on aquasoft, and what do i see? The TOP bar! Im guessing Timan did it, and it looks very nice. Good job dude! for a sec there i thought i was in itunes heh
  11. jeez... mageguru has a mini mart of computers lotsa lan parties im guessin
  12. Hello smoke. I think people are 'scared' of you to suggest somethings, since you are a very straightforward person. But let me reassure you that you and your work is a great contribution to the aqua community. I enjoyed your aqua theme very much once it had came out and i am awaiting some themes made by you so that the quality is present there. I know you take your time to work on your stuff thats why it is very nice, but some people just cant be pleased. Now that we know you are reacknowleding your acceptance of constructive critism, people will contact you or tell you if something can b
  13. wow.. im reading the detailed features and looks like its gonna be my default new player.. how old is this anyway?
  14. okay!! get the penguins.. who voted antarctica?!! lol btw u spelled antartica wrong, it shud be antARCtica (english class, dont ask )
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