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  1. Hi, i'm a bit afraid because the system patched you linked do not contains AVI modifications meantime i did not find vista's AVI clones so.... i still remain with xp AVIs... changed icons only thanx anyway bye Marco
  2. Yes, thanx exactly what i was meaning (xp transformation vista like) actually i do not want to install a pack, because i'm customizing system files by my own so, if i will be able to unpack res files from it, i will use them to modify my sys files as i want thank you for your help last question: since now i modified few (20) dll & exe sys files (xp pro) for about 260 icons i made all changes pointing a lot of attention on congruency and quality of icons most of them are from vista icon packs, while others are from different icon suites i'll be happy to realase these files, but 1) i did
  3. Hi guys, i'm looking for shell32 AVI files (vista like) to use as replacement in my shell32.dll thanx Marco
  4. Thank you very much guys that's exactly what i was looking for thank you, thank you, thank you
  5. Hi guys, i'm looking for this (.ico) icon unfortunately i searched on this forum, on DA and others but i didn't found it could you help me please? thanx Marco
  6. Hi, i lightly modded PerspectAve Skin changing only text values to Tahoma 10 Bold with a light dark shadow, useful if you have a clear wallpaper. If someone is interested i will ask permission to the author to release it. Let me know ;-) Bye, Marco
  7. Hi Guys, just an idea: why not a sticky notes desklet looking like memoTunes AveTunes Skin? (see below) with the same background image (just with a square shape, but with the same width) for the sticky note and the same font too!! i really love it!! i would do it, if just i where able to do that!! thanx, bye, Marco
  8. Hi, i'm sorry for my wrong posting, but i ever thought that the requests sections were for new skin requests only. Anyway i'm very happy 'cause today customize.org is working abd i finally found what i was looking for: RC notes v0.1 Download Link Thanx anyway. Bye.
  9. Hy Guys, i'm looking for a rainlendar skin but i'm really in troubles finding it! i don't remember the name, only that it is for the old version of rainlendar and that it looks like the following avetunes skin i remember i found it on the rainlendar old home page (in the skin section), that is not no more avaible!! searched on DA and WinCustomize with no success... and customize.org site has problems... please, could you help me? ah... it's not simplynotes skin; it's similar but actually not the same; it's more similar to avetunes skin thax for all Marco
  10. Confirmed. I controlled right now the PC of my fellow worker and he has office 2002 installed... and its VS is exactly what i want. As all of you wrote, at 99% there's no possibility to go back to old VS changing options in office 2003 setup... so i will go back to office 2002!! actually i really hate the new VS of 2003! Thanx Marco
  11. OK, but i want to stay with luna blue! and you're not right when you say that i can simply change to classic or other not luna blue style... because in this way office look it's horribly light silver/gray, and not the standard clear grey as the other xp standard apps; below i post a screenshot example link of autocad; it has the clear grey style i meaned right before, as all the standard xp apps, like firefox, MSIE, etc... AutoCAD Screenshot Example as a demonstration of what i say, below i posted a screenshot of word after i applyed a 3d part visual style... and it's the same with any VS "n
  12. Yes! i agree too! i tried a lot of times to change the standard luna theme with other themes and i noted that also the visual style of the office apps changed. but the problem is that i don't want change luna VS.... someone knows if with other office version (newer or older) the prob is solved? thanx again Marco
  13. Hi guys, well... actually it's not really easy to describe my help request. i was in doubt to post it here or in the skinning apps forum. My OS is XP prof SP2 (always updated) with Occice 2003 installed. i always hated the light blue background of all the office apps (as shown in the linked picture above, an example of word), in my modest opinion it's simply disgusting!! Example of Office Work 2003 Background Style yesterday i was working with a fellow worker and i observed that its office (that seems to be same versione of mine) has a normal (and beatiful) grey background style, like all t
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