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  1. Wow I love this. I haven't seen work like this since Mr. Y left the scene. I hope you continue your work on the OpenGL Cubik aswell, I think the responses here was underwhelming for something that I am sure wasn't easy to do. (I always wished Yod'm or whatever it is now was coded in OpenGL. I don't know why but I prefer OpenGL for things that relate to the interface and screen savers. I guess my favorite n64 emulator was based on OpenGL) Also instead of me having to duplicate my Stacks folder so I can have multiple stacks without a Class error message (in RK launcher) could you program it t
  2. dunno if that's how the other themes do it or not, watch it be something even simpler lol to me html is html is html, it's all the same to me. Thx, hopefully if I am able to make an installer when I get done a tutorial won't be necassary, but then again I have never an installer for anything before. For release 0.3 It will have at least 864 color variations in total, 144 color bubble variations(12 different colors) and at least 6 background color variations. I will also probably post it in a new thread.....so that it is no longer on the tail end of ZTL's thread even though it is based on his
  3. I think this may have a simple fix, I can probably set the avatar as a div and the default avatar will be a background-image but then also have a filter transform image command for a new image src to be inserted, if one is provided via the %avatar% command. That way if one is not provided it will just be a transparent box, and you will be looking at the default avatar which has been set in place as a background of the div cell.
  4. yea I had set the them.png a while back but I guess I lost that updated bit, not sure why, can't remember if it subsituted only missing avatars or ever user avatar..... I'm new to miranda lol and my main focus atm is/was getting the bubbles 100%, so you say you were able to set the them.png? did it replace only missing avatars or all avatars? well I gtg to work I'll be on later
  5. It seems like it depends which protocol you use and if you open and close the window it will sometimes fix it. Your avatar a blue haze thing, should always appear, even if your actual avatar is different(at least this is my experience, but I never set my msn avatar in anything but trillian but I notice people I talk to still see my old avatar o0, probably need to set it lol so I can see it too), it is changeable though if you know where the image is. The other party is cached in another folder and normally does not get picked up until the second time u open the window of who your talking to, b
  6. but now what oo If different settings work for you and different settings work for me I can't make a very universal release.... oo? Unless it was something else that fixed it? I figured out just now that I can add the bottom corner images and to ensure the correct bubble size for you but your text alignment will still be off vs the alignment that works for me. Does anyone else have any problems with the iChat bubbles? If so please let me know and I will try and get them all resolved quickly. Actually it looks like I am off by one pixel on the bubble, I dunno how that happened but I will f
  7. hmm anyone see any scrollbars with the arrows grouped together?
  8. message window can be brushed skinned dead on already with Windowblinds 4 or 5 but not quite sure how well the window icons can be re-arranged haven't had miranda for long. Also windowblinds can skin per application, as far as I know miranda has no plugins to skin its own title and border of its message windows. here are some ichat like skins I found and it looks like if I did some mismatching I might be able to get very close to the real ichat, dunno about 1:1 but maybe I can work miracles twice =) but not til I am done with the first one. I'm up for the challenge so count me in http://mira
  9. ah, well yes that would be nice too, however I am just one bubble man atm but it would be very nice indeed and it has crossed my mind many times. But I only have html experience meaning the switch to IEView was very easy, however I have not looked into the code behind clist modern skins, I assume it is xml stuff and manipulating it would be along the same lines of html sort of. Show me a skin that looks like a good replica just lacking a few things, doesn't even have to be brushed just as long as it has the basic layout right and I might be able to work with it. Just took a look at the code
  10. *cough* http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=26259&page=5 revision 0.2, 3 color variations, based on ZTL's work modified by me to be 1:1, grey background http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/attachment....52&d=1134976254 pre 0.3(final will have all 6 original colors, any variation possible) the beginning work of changeable background colors and alpha transparent bubbles but IE7 beta is REQUIRED to be installed. http://img479.imageshack.us/img479/3682/screenshot2pv.jpg I have layered this on top of the original ichat bubbles it is a 100% 1:1 clone minice the font
  11. umm yes it will have orange bubbles for miranda... if only I understood espanol eh? One thing I have noticed about the other iChat clones is that they do not have changeable backgrounds and this one will, but the others that don't have bg colors other than just white do have variable color for their bubbles, meaning their bubble can be any color they want. I have put a great deal of though into how to get best of both worlds and as of yet I have no answer....it is either one or the other. Having said that instead of halting what I am working on I will finish the 0.3 release and onwards until
  12. don't have a direct link but I think I got it from their blog, found via google. It is probably a beta one but oh well, I think some guide I was using may have called for it....what works, works
  13. oh I see now those two skins I posted earlier were only for AdiumX for Mac OS X a chat program. Completely unrelated to the AdiumX skin for miranda. I thought...... Its code is VERY interesting though, it seems to be a html/css based skinned app aswell. The code almost looks convertable to miranda! And chunks of it undoubtedly is =). I know I am out of the loop don't make fun of me for not knowing what Adium was plz lol.
  14. I was in the same boat a month ago lol.... One thing that was not clear to me is what actually skinned and what did not. IEView- get the latest you can, it only skins the area that outputs your text aka bubbles Your messaging window WILL NOT be skinned, only skinned by XP or windowblinds. Tabsrmm - basicly gives you tabs clist modern - skins your contact list completely, window and all for more info I believe on page 2 of this thread their is a link to neowins guide, very many pages yes but some where in there it tells you probably on page 2 or 3 how to configure IEView. Well my plan sinc
  15. Well I just found two skins....that are very good ichat clones....I am going to download them and try them out and see what all they have going for them. I might stop improving this one at this point if they are in a much more complete state. And after all this work and code no one told me!!!! http://www.adiumxtras.com/index.php?a=xtras&xtra_id=1546 http://www.adiumxtras.com/index.php?a=xtras&xtra_id=1838 Actually I can't get those to work in miranda oo.....maybe those aren't for miranda lol.
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