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  1. Thats the sound it would make when you would start system 7 at least. I am not sure were to find it. Its the startup sound.
  2. xPlay and ephPod are not illegal. Apple does not recomend using third party apps but I believe that there is no law against it.
  3. Fully Switch! I am gonna by a G5 and a Apple Cinema Display. I am saving up. I cant wait.
  4. Well my first computer was a Macintosh Performa(circa 1996) I was like 6 at the time and it was really easy to use. It stayed as the great computer in our house for like 4 years until my brother bought a PC. I realised it was faster(well because it was 4 years ahead of the Mac) and I wanted one. A few weeks later I got a Windows comp. Within the 3 years of that experience I consider myself a good PC user, I learned Linux and learned how to program. At school I use Mac OS 9 and they are on old iMacs from 98-ish. They do not do very well so thats when the Mac-bashing started. I bashed Macs from
  5. Now that I look at it in Mozilla it looks right
  6. This is my first release(and first post for that matter). I made a few icons that are 128x128 that are some Apple hardware. I suggest using them in your dock for now. They are in PNG format. eMac: PowerMac G5: Powerbook (TiBook): iBook: Enjoy! (You will see a dark gray as the background on this post but it is transparent)
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