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  1. Tiger Mail has been updated to v2.1.1. Changes are: * Windows theme fonts used * Selected sort header is highlighted * Folders show bold font for new messages and normal font if not * More display glitches fixed Grab it now from here or click "Find Updates" within Thunderbird if you have already installed Tiger Mail.
  2. Tested & working perfectly in Firefox, and compatible with SaFire gradient theme.
  3. Regarding big folder icons, I plan to include a sub-skin in the future that will enable large icons through userChrome.css.
  4. Hi all, Just wanted everyone to know that the new Tiger Mail version 2.0 is now available at Mozilla Update. Major change is small folder icons, ideal for notebook users or folks with a lot of sub-folders. Besides scrollbars and droplists, I've also updated the dialog buttons, radio buttons, tabs and checkmark boxes to Aqua standard from within Thunderbird. The menubar is borderless, giving it that iTunes 6 look.
  5. Hi all, Tiger Safari has been updated whereby the application icon has been removed. Please refer to new thread here for any comments / suggestions. Cheers, Toyo Snow
  6. This is a Safari borderless mod to complement the SaFire firefox theme by Bazon. Click on image for larger preview and download Features - 4 sub-skins to choose from - Aqua (left and right buttons) and Graphite (left and right buttons) - No application icon in titlebar (updated on Dec 26) To install 1. Double-click tigersafari-1-5-2.wba or Right click on desktop > Properties > Appearance > WindowBlinds > Add Skin 2. Then click Per Application > Add Per application setting, browse to directory containing Firefox.exe and add it. 3. Select skin "Tiger Safari", o
  7. Hopefully, localhost can develop multi-plugin for Quicktime as I use iTunes to play subscribed video podcasts in a separate window, and the Quicktime window doesn't match the beauty of the iTunes multi-plugin.
  8. Good idea. Besides the theme being available at DA, the latest version is also available at Mozilla. Thing is, Mozilla takes time for approval before posting the new version. Hopefully, TB can find the updated version through Mozilla in this way.
  9. Version update on Dec 23 and name changed to Tiger Safari. 4 sub-skins: Aqua and Graphite (left and right buttons). Enjoy.
  10. Hi all, A Merry Christmas to all in advance. Just to inform everyone to grab the latest version 1.5.6 released on Dec 23. The main fix is now the toolbar buttons mouseover effects have been fixed to ignore the window theme's mouseover effect, for full compatibility to all Visual Styles and WindowBlinds themes. Hence, any gel-like mouseover effects you see in some window themes will be ignored by Tiger Mail TB theme. Sorry for so many updates within a week, it's just one of those things I overlooked. Cheers, Toyo Snow
  11. I do not recommend removing Local Folders as it is a virtual account used to store messages from POP or IMAP accounts to your local hard disk. However, if you do not need to store any messages, then Local Folders can be removed. Before removing Local Folders, first back up Local Folder - "Mail" from C:Documents and SettingsApplication DataThunderbirdProfilesxxxxxxxx.default If you decide to restore Local Folders later, copy the "Mail" folder back to C:Documents and SettingsApplication DataThunderbirdProfilesxxxxxxxx.default CAUTION: All your current messages on hard disk will be removed, a
  12. hey PDidee! Glad ya like it. A BIG thank you goes to you for helping with the mail image resources! To replace the menulist striped background: replace "menuback.png" in tigermail-1.5.5-tb.jarglobalmenu To change the toolbar background: Add the lines below to "userChrome.css" located in C:Documents and SettingsApplication DataThunderbirdProfilesxxxxxxxx.defaultchrome userChrome.css does not exist by default, so you need to create it using any text editor, and then changing the extension from .txt to .css Place the background image (say "platinum.bmp") in the same chrome folder. Note: ens
  13. Hi all, I've posted a hot version update 1.5.5 that fixes and improves upon the earlier version. All of the bugs reported have been fixed. I worked really hard to get this out, as I had to create some icons of my own, and learn a lot of CSS code myself since this is my first Thunderbird theme. Version 1.5.5 changes: For both RSS and mail folders, you'll find a nice badge notifier at the top right corner, just like in Mail I've also improved on the tab close button of the functional search bar, whereby the tab close would change to a dark grey color state when hovered (just like se
  14. See top of thread for updated search bar installation instructions. The link to compact menu is working. You need to right click (save as) to save from your browser.
  15. LOL done. Platinum Aqua link updated at top of thread.
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