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  1. Is anybody else getting this problem? I'm running Vista 32bit. http://xs.to/xs.php?h=xs128&d=08252&f=wtf478.png
  2. http://pepperproject.deviantart.com/art/Pe...lpaper-73575603
  3. Nice, put me up for beta testing. It looks like an interesting project
  4. @ Turkey I assume you are using Vista, so what Visual Style is that?
  5. Here's 3 demonoid invites lppsem3e e51w7xke gtes2tw7l9b Any nice fellas want to share an Oink invite?
  6. Anyone have extra oink invites that do not require going in IRC
  7. http://img168.imageshack.us/img168/7369/deskgc3.jpg
  8. Just wondering, where is that wallpaper from?
  9. Zeroeffect's deviantart site is apparently, gone.. Does anybody have a copy of the Amalgam firefox theme for firefox 1.5?
  10. Woops, that was zeroeffect . He was banned from deviantart as well I believe
  11. How did you do that? I have always wanted to disable it
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