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  1. @gilsontech Need more like this? Enjoy Tron by Elevati0n.zip
  2. Long time no post here for a skin release. Now it's time for it I did an Android style XWD 2.0.3 skin. It's just done as an morning idea. so let's see what you said about it. There are 2 versions (one in green and other in blue).Included some icons for dock too. Hope you like my new idea. Download links: green version: http://www.mediafire...e2ym1shamfel6mt blue version: http://www.mediafire...cg337ccd3lu1lpr PS: why I cannot attach some screenshots for skins? I'm not allowed or smth... PPS: the new method to attach files was the problem Now there are screenshots for
  3. The best in town: XWindowsDock 2.0.2 --soon 2.0.3
  4. Wow..That's awesome man :DWelcome back.Your XWD new features and improments..just say "WOW". "Guys what you want to see in new stacks? Does it make sense to add Fan, List or other viwes?" Well, Fan or List...are a necessity...imho...let'ssee what the others will say about Still waiting to try the new version... And thanks again for all your work Vladimir
  5. Hi the answer for your question is simple: If you're on XP, backup: C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Application Data\XWindows Dock\<filename>.ini (items.ini and/or settings.ini ) If you are on Win7/Vista: C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\XWindows Dock\ PS: your false positive stuff on kaspersky..well...it's not true...the XWD 2.0.2 don;t contain any trojan....for more info about that read this http://www.aqua-soft...n/page__st__180
  6. @Bobah: have a nice summer holiday...take care and enjoy of it! Thanks for this great news See you in September
  7. Well...from my whole experience...Norton, Symantec are sux ...Nod32..kinda tricky for more trojans...Kasperky...many resourses....BitDefender was a choise...but long time ago..now BD are sux too....So I've choose Microsoft Security Essentials...M$ did a great step in security...since 2009 with my Windows 7..job & home never had headache with viruses,trojans...til now Anyway..the best Antivirus is ...this: never run on a windows os....do it freely with a linux, Mac one....
  8. Well....try again Read this...first of all : http://www.aqua-soft...hread-download/ Where to find this? Simple.... Preferences --> Capture windows ---minimize windows to dock ( 2 way to do that: default and Genie) More see there... Enjoy again XWDock
  9. We have all this in XWD 5.6 version Did you knew that?
  10. Hai sa-ti zic pe romaneste...poate nu incalc vreo regula. Am un album....il introduc in Style Jukebox ..toate bune...dar cum fac sa setez pt toate piesele din acel album cover image-ul? Am reusit doar fiind in in "Thumbnails mode" ca sa zic asa...la piese...si sa drag & drop fisierul cu imaginea cover peste....dar merge doar daca pentru o singura piesa/actiune. Nu ar fi deranjant daca as avea sa zicem 10 piese /album...dar daca ai peste deja e "chin". Ai alta solutie pentru? Oricum este super versiunea noua....Ai facut treaba ffff buna. Multumesc pt raspuns si bafta in continuare Let
  11. This is great! wow...improvements too..well done Alex. But one question....who to set more than one file cover image? I mean...to set all folder files
  12. just delete the folder where you have XwindowsDock and c:\Users\name\AppData\Roaming\XWindows Dock\ if you have Win 7. That;s it. Why aren't you satisfied with? It's not like XWindowsDock 5.6.....it's smth else. ..much better...but for now it's not finished. The Author has a lot of work to do...School, private life...so...
  13. Hi guys I have some strange issue with XWDock 2.0.2..for several days I encounter this crazy problem. I have my dock...with icons for applications, stacks...etc...and somehow after I restarting my windows 7 in morning all my icons for apps/stacks/folders on dock...are gone. Just My Computer is present. What is happen? I saw that seetings for Xwd are stored in C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\XWindows Dock\setting.ini and items.ini....but somehow they are just empty. I can "replace" all the dock stuff but..it annoying to do this after 2-4 days...and so one. Any of you happen this problem in XWDock?
  14. This is not Leopard dock...it's Snow one. There are some skins for this...but not 100 % Snow Leopard dock features and stuff. For Xwd 5.6: http://bsayz.deviantart.com/art/Snow-Leopard-for-XWD-5-6-133285593?q=boost%3Apopular+in%3Acustomization%2Fskins%2Fapplaunchers+snow+leopard&qo=1 or http://axisan.deviantart.com/art/XWD-Lismer-Dock-4-Versions-142796871?q=boost%3Apopular+in%3Acustomization%2Fskins%2Fapplaunchers%2Fxwindows+snow+leopard&qo=0 For Xwd 2.0 hmmmm...let's see ...find this. http://browse.deviantart.com/customization/skins/applaunchers/xwindows/?qh=&section=&q=sl#/
  15. Nice update. But in my Windows 7 xwd 2.0.2 don;t work thumbs feature. I tried with more pictures/movies folder...no way to work or see smth like this. And another one question... I try pidgin/skype for "notify you about all flashing windows in the taskbar. This can be favorite instant messaging client (e.g. Pidgin or Miranda), Skype, FTP-client and so on." but no chance to view something...anyone have this issues?
  16. Here .ico format. In 24,32,64,128 bit. It's ok ?
  17. Ok...maybe it works on SP3...I read about Flyakite long time ago...now i'm not using anymore...I'm on Win7... But you can read about FlyakiteOSX and windoze SP3 here...http://www.aqua-soft.org/forum/topic/48820-sp3-problem-with-flyakiteosx-35/ Maybe it helps you
  18. You cannot install Flyakite OSX with SP3 Windows...it's not supporting...only at SP2 Sorry for that..reinstall your windows without SP3 and try again.. And..don't try to patch uxtheme...Flyakite will do that by itself
  19. wow...very nice improvements Awesome work man. Wait for the release
  20. I can't say nothing than "WOW"...It's "snow leopard" style indeed:) Congratulation for your idea of improving this kind of customization Waiting to test the release
  21. Define "ugly" If XWD 2.0 (this vers is not the final) is ugly...I'm billionaire...and I send half of money to Vladimir
  22. Ok...how did you put your applications on dock? drag the shortcuts from desktop etc into the dock or...drag the applic .exe's into that dock?
  23. Hi, First tell us what version of XWindowsDock do u try? If you use the new vers aka 2.0 I must tell you that is not designed to work in XP...sorry for that.
  24. Hi guys, I'm doing some skins for xwd 2.0....some of are from my old versions of skins...like Greece, Roman Empire, Egyptian skins...but I cannot manage to see in skins. What it's wrong with copy skin.ini from another skin, change values of background's stuff, rename new skin..and save? It's not showing in skin Tba on XWD2.0... I cannot understand what is wrong...try again, make from zero..but it's the same...not shown
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