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  1. I dont have a screenshot unfortunately, but it is a all white background with a anime girl with headphones in one corner. Similar to this but with an anime girl and all white background. Thanks. edit: i think the anime girl is lying on her front as well, can't quite remember...
  2. Thats exactly what I did... a couple of years ago now! How time flies..
  3. I updated it with 1920x1200 versions. Its 16:10 ratio , the same as 1650x1050.
  4. Some wallpapers that I made with the Apple logo in a variety of colours/styles. Hope you like it! Download 1440x900 version Here Download 1920x1200 version Here Zaft
  5. Flyakites site has been updated , 30 December 2007, which says he is planning new version with vista support! Read it here http://osx.portraitofakite.com/
  6. Hi I found a Yahoo widget which can put the monitor into standby. http://widgets.yahoo.com/gallery/view.php?widget=41491 As for turning off the screen, I think an app can be coded to turn it off, but not turn it back on again, as this would only work if it's on standby, if you know what I mean. However I may be wrong tho hehe.. Z
  7. Hmm , his website seems to be down...
  8. This is quite an awesome little screensaver. Well done!
  9. Great walls Psychopulse, thanks! My fave is the Elisha cuthbert one, starry...
  10. Wow, rly like these, thanks! Did u make them in Illustrator?
  11. Try Stroke It http://www.tcbmi.com/strokeit/ I use it for my explorer mouse gestures.
  12. I've also been taking a closer look at Blender which is also free and open source http://www.blender.org Anyway I have been learning 3D studio Max for the moment because I can import my Sketchup models into it to render
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