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  1. I am not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but not even 10 seconds ago a TV commercial came on advertising the new Intel iMac! To my knowledge, there hasn't been a Mac commercial in quite a while, and I am pretty sure there was only one Mac commercial ever. Of course, that was before my time, and I am a **** when it comes to Macintosh history, so I could be wrong.
  2. Let me go off topic for a second... ShadyApple: Technically Windows is more powerful component wise, however the Apple OS X does not require as many system resources as Windows XP does, so a Mac with less powerfull hardware can still preform as well as a Microsoft Computer. Or, at least, thats what I have been told. Now back to the topic at hand... There are definately a lot of things on the new Vista webpage that reminded me of OS X. The music icon is one of the bigger ones, and IMO it looks like crap anyways. Still, at least in Vista they are trying to make the GUI appealing. BTW: Did th
  3. The games I currently play are Sim City 4, Doom 3, Guild Wars, and Battlefield 2.
  4. Hello! I am new here, and did try searching, so please be gentle... First off let me say that I am not a Mac user (I'm a gamer) but really love Macs. I currently use a Dell (disgraceful, I know ) and have another brand new Dell still sitting in its box (I won't get it till christmas). Anyway, with my new Dell I got an Ultrasharp 20" Widescreen, which is very similar to the Apple 20" cinema display. So here comes my question: Being a gamer, I am wondering if I made the right choice on monitors. In other words, will my games be compatible with my widescreen, will they only use a part o
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