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  1. Nope, unfortunately I don't. Could anyone give me a link to where I could download the old version?
  2. I recently "upgraded" to iTunes 7, and absolutely hate it. They made the GUI harder to use and significantly uglier, and, worst of all, it deleted all the song information I added. So now 300 of the 700 songs I have are at the bottom of my library, with wrong titles, no artist, no album art, and no album. So, I want to revert back to iTunes 6, and, hopefully, get all my information back. I know theres a backup copy of the iTunes 6 library in the iTunes folder, but I'm not sure what exactly to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated, because I dont really feel like spending all my free
  3. I would imagine trying to use the click wheel to type in the name of a song would be tedious anyway. Maybe if you have a full 80gb model its worth it, but I doubt it would be for anything else. Just count your blessings that you are lucky enough to HAVE an iPod, much less a brand new 5g one
  4. I still have my Wisdom teeth in my mouth, however about a year ago I went in for dental surgery to remove a metal bar that got stuck in my gums. :confused: Turns out that somehow while I had braces, they shifted up against my gum, and my gum grew AROUND part of it! I got an IV, and I remember that that didn't hurt at all (first time I had gotten an IV, I figured it would feel like a never ending shot, but its just a prick) and all I remember is asking when it would nock me out. I woke up 2 hours later in the back of my parent's car half way back home. Turns out that they couldn't wake
  5. Looks pretty cool, but how many rescources does it use? Will it bog down programs or minimize games when it changes the desktop? Some answers would be appreciated
  6. Nope! Viagra is much more popular, unfortunately. That web site apparently has very flawed information. Check this: http://www.googlefight.com/index.php?lang=...word2=Aqua+Soft
  7. To expand on his question - I have been wondering for a while now if it is possible to get a disk to eject by clicking on a Pidlshortcut (or any shortcut, for that matter)? I'm pretty sure it can be done, but I never did find out how.
  8. Well, I knew there wouldn't be any MAJOR changes, but the look and feel of OS X has definately changed since Jaguar. I guess I should have stated my question diffrently. Will Leopard be using the same skin as Tiger? From the preview they look prefectly identicle.
  9. Is Leopard going to essentially have the same GUI as Tiger, with just a few added apps? I sure hope not.
  10. Does it come with a Safari-like subskin?
  11. Looks like it toggles transparency.
  12. Eh, pretty good, though it would have been better if you used actual words
  13. Aww man.... myspace is still alive! Props to the guy who tried to shut down one of the most useless and moronic websites ever concieved, Though he should have done it in a more legal manner.
  14. I get spam from only one source (They all say the same thing, or at least their titles do) and get about 7 of them every other day. Fortunately, it all goes to the spam folder. Its still annoying though, because on impulse I have to empty out my spam folder before I can read anything. (I'm a neat freak with my computer)
  15. I don't know if this is possible, but wouldn't it be awesome if someone could get Windows Explorer to use tabs? It would cut back on how many times you need to go back/forward to do things, such as moving documents. It would be much simpler than having many windows open, ect.
  16. It is actually a release candidate FOR beta 1. Sorry, I should have clarified. It seems stable enough though, I didn't notice any bugs in the half hour I used it. Here is a PC World Article on it.
  17. Yeah... thats really dumb
  18. I have just downloaded the Firefox 2.0 Beta 1 RC, and its awesome! The official Beta 1 will be released before the end of the week. FF 2.0 has a ton of new features, including several new things that will probably interest us who try to emulate Safari. By default, the search bar says Google, similar to how Safari does it. I haven't had time to fully explore it yet, but it seems to move at about the same speed as 1.5. Discuss here.
  19. Big screen, but I hate the design. It will probably change though.
  20. If I had both, I would leave XP looking like XP and Mac looking like Mac....
  21. Why is there a butterfly in a hatred icon set? Also, you have white lines around the icons, meaning you probably cut them out of a website somewhere.
  22. Hey thats pretty nice! Too bad I don't use a Vista skin
  23. Looks like it would collect fingerprints like a beast.
  24. Firefox: Download speed: 7.5 - 8.5mbps (Tested 5 times) Upload speed: 562 - 671kbps (also 5 times) I will edit this with tests from IE. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Internet Explorer: Download speed: 4.17 - 8.31mbps (tested 6 times) Upload Speed: 288kbps - 591kbps I also tried it once with the IE tab in Firefox, I got a download speed of 11.04mbps, and then my browser crashed.
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