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  1. Wow, this is awesome! Very nice job on this Bobah, I'll be keeping an eye out for a slightly more stable version, then I fully intend on switching from RK Launcher to this. Incredible.
  2. Lol, I need to start posting around here more often. I'm guessing you weren't able to understand him at all due to horrendous grammar?
  3. Welcome to the internet.
  4. All you did was take this wallpaper and up the brightness/saturation. Don't pass it off as yours please.
  5. I'm personally not a big fan of iGoogle, it's mostly useless IMO. It would be nice to have a leopard'esque skin for it, and if it looks good enough, I might even have to start using it.
  6. That's what WordPad is. As far as the skin: Ugly. Seriously, ugly.
  7. How is it on memory usage?
  8. Search around, and you'll find everything you need. The text in his dock actually are icons, you can download packs of them from various places. As for the widgets, he could be using any number of things, but it's probably Avedesk.
  9. In any case, all this publicity is probably good for Psystar's business.
  10. First one I've posted here in quite a while, no preview. Link
  11. How would you even go about installing Aronnax's theme on windows?
  12. Wow, this is a really awesome skin!
  13. Correct. However it does have a few problems, namely the background turning white (similar to inactive itunes) while the WB doesn't, and it also starts up looking like it's inactive. Also, there's a little line above my text when highlighting things on the bookmarks bar.
  14. I never understood why people play the PC version.. Compared to the 360 version, I found the PC to be awkward, with several flaws, and a lagging aimer (On a 1 year old, $1,200 gaming computer). To each his own, though, I suppose.
  15. I can't get it working, though it does look very cool. I get this: Any suggestions?
  16. Any new Safari themes for windows?
  17. Actually, I don't have Objectbar. Also, the inactive problem only happens when I start Firefox maximized.
  18. I know it's how it's supposed to behave on OSX, but on windows it looks odd, and point of fact is broken (appears inactive on startup) But if it requires a lot of work, I'll wait for someone with more knowledge to fix it.
  19. Here's what mine looks like: Windows XP Theme: GrApple Blue WB Skin: Leopard Glass (Tweaked slightly to match the theme's gradient) Everything works fine, and looks as it should. My only problem is that the theme fades to the whiteish background when not selected, and when the program is opened. This means I have to minimize and remaximize the window to get the theme to look as it should, and when not in use it doesn't match the WB skin. Does anyone know how to stop the skin from doing that?
  20. It's not bad, however the new GUI is terrible. I need a Safari skin for windows asap.
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