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  1. Just stopping in to again say how awesome this dock is. I was probably one of the first people to switch over to it, and it's pretty amazing how far it's come in such a short time. I'm in love.
  2. iTim

    1080p Wallpapers

    Generally, when someone posts content and does not say otherwise, it's taken to be their own work. Also, I'm sure somewhere in there theres 4-5 pictures where the actual creator of the wallpaper specifically said that you ask their permission before putting it anywhere else, and in general it's a good idea to ask permission anyway. It's also MUCH easier to simply post a link to interfacelift, and save Aquasoft some bandwidth. I'm really not sure why you went through the trouble of reuploading all these to a different server, seems like you're trying to hide the fact they are from a differen
  3. iTim

    1080p Wallpapers

    Or, you could go to Interfacelift.com, the place you stole all these from. Thread reported.
  4. Myspace. It's what everyone here in Florida uses, for the most part.
  5. I find myself loving this site more and more each time I visit. Thanks mods! Anyway, I've been using the dock for a while now, and don't have any major problems with it. Works better than any other dock application, and I must say I'm in love. If anything, I'd like the ability to more easily change the icons of the my computer, trash, and control panel dockets. Also, I haven't really tinkered with it, but what exactly does the Xdocklet do?
  6. Guys. This is disgraceful. Shut the **** up, and get back to the original point of the thread. If you've got a problem, too bad. Bobah is still working on it, and he's not in a position to help you solve your problems at the moment. Think of it as a beta. Seriously. Stop being stupid.
  7. Apple does pay more for it's hardware than vendors like Dell and HP, because it doesn't buy parts in extremely large volume like they do. If you buy 800 Core2Duos instead of 1,200, you'll be paying significantly more per chip.
  8. Are they deliberately trying to rip us off? No. Because the do everything in house, I'd assume they pay a much higher price on hardware. This trickles down to the buyers. Also, not many people buy Macs. While that is rapidly changing, Apple is still the 3rd top seller of computers, behind Dell and HP. Because Macs are so radically different than PC's, lowering the price doesn't really mean more people will buy them - Susy Homemaker who uses "The Internets" for checking her ISP provided crappy email account and maybe some word processing isn't going to switch, even if the prices are the same.
  9. Unfortunately, human stupidity dictates that people will continue to ask dumb questions and spam up the thread.
  10. Autocad, if I'm not mistaken. Try to buy a really nice CPU, and lots of Ram. Not sure how important a GPU would be for the software, but you might need a good one of those too. Hard drive shouldn't be a big deal, just get a cheap 350gig or something.
  11. Ah, I thought by "take them out of the folder" you meant the main folder in the zip that I'd gotten them out of. I'll try that now. EDIT: Excellent, that worked. Thanks for the help; excellent skin!
  12. As I said, I've placed them in the correct directory, however it's still not working. Perhaps I'm missing something? Here's a few screenshots... CDocuments&SettingsTimApplication DatauTorrent uTorrent itself
  13. Extracted the files to the correct directory, however the skin hasn't changed. I took a look in the settings, but it wasn't immediately apparent and I really don't feel like fiddling with it for half an hour. Where/How do you switch skins?
  14. God I hope Apple doesn't become worse than Microsoft.
  15. I've officially made the switch from RK Launcher to this. Thanks again Bobah! I've currently got a stack for my downloads folder, however every time I download something into it I get the error: List Index Out of Bounds (1) Any idea how to fix that? Also, when I click the open folder button on a stack, the stack stays up until I click the dock icon to close it.
  16. TBH, I doubt Apple will do anything about this, they have enough lawyering going on with Psystar as it is. It'd probably be a good idea to just stop mentioning it, though.
  17. I concur, this is a really good looking wall! Any chance of a 1680x1050 version?
  18. .. Definitely not the place. :slant:
  19. I'm not asking him to emulate leopard - I'm simply saying I don't like my close/min/max buttons blurry, but otherwise really liked the theme.
  20. I'm also using your version, and in fact it's the same way in your previews. What I mean by blurry is this:
  21. Take your time - we can wait for excellence.
  22. I'm not a fan of the blurry close/min/max buttons, but other than that, it's a very promising skin!
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