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  1. First of all, Thanks everyone for your comments.

    Control Panel v1.1


    - Changed the brushed metal background to the transparent one.

    Folder v1.2


    - Added a little darker at bottom of the folder icon.

    Stack v1.0


    All artwork images are the preview, not the final works.

    **Special thanks to Deavy and Atreiu for the best suggestions.** :)

    I'm still not a fan of the panel, but the icons look fantastic. :)

  2. Here's my 2 cents. Pretty much stole Panta's idea and shinied it up :P

    Edit: as for the my computer icon, I'm not sure what it should be, but definitely not something that has xwd related text on it. It's confusing.

    Lighten it a bit, and I think that'd be the perfect background for the default for this dock as well. Similar enough to look good, dissimilar enough to not get in trouble. :P

  3. No problem... ;)

    The whole idea is blending the dock with the background, so it's transparency seems more than adequate to me; also note that reflections go perfectly aligned with the front edge and don't look right only because they aren't: they're reflected! (and thus, inverted...)*lmao*

    Separators are really hard to deal with, as they are overlaid to the dock background, but I'm open to suggestions (real PNGs, not just ideas would be better... lol) .

    Running indicators are not tied to a particular platform; look at all dock applications there are! That makes no sense at all... ;)

    Please, keep posting constructive critics; they are most welcome!


    I wholeheartedly disagree. If your goal is to blend the dock with it's background, set the opacity way down. Most people will want the dock to actually be prominent, either to match their theme, taskbar, whatever.

    I say we just stick with the default leopard theme, maybe changing the curve effect in the glass, changing the indicators, and changing the separators. To me, that'd be the perfect default for this project.

  4. Most pointless reply of the day...............................................you sir.

    It just shows someone's ridicules idiocy when they'd rather insult someone instead of contributing to the actual post.

    Ridiculous idiocy? I didn't answer your questions because you'll find answers after about 5 minutes of Google searching.

    Your original post was just as pointless as mine, but mine was funny.

    The end.

  5. Why are we still arguing over what the defaults should be?

    That's easily one of the most trivial things discussed in this thread yet. 95% of us will end up changing it to something else (either for emulation purposes or simply to have something different) anyway.

    Grab something either glass or metal, that shows reflections rather nicely, and go with it. Problem solved. :)

  6. I don't think anyone would mind if a "Donate" button was added to the dock's about box, and perhaps preloaded onto the dock when it's first installed, similarly to the way RK has a link to it's home page when you first install.

    That said, if you're looking to make more than a nominal amount of money on this, you've probably got your hopes set way too high.

  7. Just place it into the "XWindowsDock/Skins/ folder. No unpack needed. But it has to be a smxd which is updated to work with 5.2.1.!

    (Phoshi was faster... :P)

    You sure?

    I'm using these skins:




    The screencaps below show CProgsXWindowsDockSkins folder. I'm assuming that's the folder I need to put my files in?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)



  8. For the longest time, my school had the worst Gateway laptops. They were terrible, took like 15 minutes to log in.

    Actually, we still have them. But next year we'll be getting Macbooks. :)

    We've already got classrooms full of brand new 20" iMacs, and we've even got extra that they throw in random rooms to never get used (case in point, there's two iMacs in my culinary room. Never been turned on.)

  9. Sorry for my last post...without attachment...don't know what happen last night..because attachment was sent correclty to Aqua-Soft forum..Maybe my wifi was *cked up...

    Now...because is a massive demand for 4.8 version skins...look down..I have re-skinned them for 4.8 :)


    Not a single one of those worked.

  10. hmm... Im not entirely sure I like that approach... I think they should at least be optional extras on the disk. (Unlike XP/vista which for example forces you to install internet explorer)

    Actually, Windows 7 will (more likely than not) fully integrate Internet Explorer into it's OS, so it'll no longer be a stand alone program. After all, they're pushing for cloud computing with Windows 7. (To use Word, etc, you'll log onto live, and it'll be online, similar to Google's apps.)

    Nothing will really be stored on your hard drive, it'll all be on the cloud. Essentially, your computer will be a gateway to access your files.

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