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  1. You mean the clock? It's "Simple Text Clock" for Yahoo!Widget Engine.. You can modify it really good
  2. Must be like at least a whole year since i posted on AS.. Sorry for that
  3. Oh, ok.. Thanks for that dreamsindigital! I'm doing the same thing you do.. Let it run red, charge it completely and disconnect the power again..
  4. Another question then, is it normal i already have 72 cycles with my MacBook? I bought it in August.. Am i doing something wrong?
  5. hi! i have a question about folder icons. I have pixadex and candybar, and i can organise and change system icons with those two programs. The problem is, how can i create a specific folder in the finder that will have that specific folder icon (for example downloads/dropbox)? Right now, i can only click 'new folder' and that one just gets the generic folder icon. I have no idea how to tell OSX that the folder i just created is actually a downloads folder... help?
  6. Thanks lae! That's the good combination! Thank you to igo, cause i found a whole lotta new combos now
  7. Second problem is fixed, i reinstalled shapeshifter universal beta.. seems to be causing some problems First problem (square brackets) still needs some help though! Anyone?
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