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  1. A wallpaper to brightened (or 'darkened') your Halloween! Download: 1920x1200 | 1440x900 | 1280x800 Note: The apple was actually a real carved apple. Visit my Flickr page to see more. And another one: Download here Happy Halloween!
  2. Very very cool! Thanks for sharing it...
  3. It is linked to the page where there's download link there. Let's just say I'm in between. I use both.
  4. This is very nice and professional looking!
  5. HI there, long time no post. This is Macbliss - a mod of Mac's Aurora and XP Bliss, for you who's in between.. (Umm.. aren't we all nowadays?) Enjoy!
  6. That's why I put the title "Which OS-X are you?". Without the X, I would've simply just put "Which wallpaper are you?"
  7. Hi there, been away quite long.. I thought I would share the latest wallpapers I created (well, modification is more correct I think). Download here Enjoy!
  8. Well... ok then.. By popular demands, here you go: 5 intelmac wallpapers: Blue, Graphite, Red, Green and Colors. No-text version, 96dpi, 1920x1200px. in one RAR file (709kb) Download here
  9. I just made the colors version and currently using it: http://zone13.digitalgrafis.com/files/desk_colors.jpg I don't know if anyone like it but if you do, I'll post it asap..
  10. I'm glad you guys like it. Thank's for the compliments.. Well.. here you go for the non-text version: (and oh.. it comes in green too..) No text version: Blue Graphite Red Green
  11. Inspired by the upcoming Intelmac Preview here Downloads: Blue 1600x1024 Graphite 1600x1024 Red 1600x1024 Update: No text version: Blue Graphite Red Green Updated: RAR file - 709kb: 1920x1200px, No text, including additional Colors Version.
  12. I guess anyone would've thought like this before, I'm sorry if someone has made similar thing like this... I'd just like to share this wallpaper: And heres the downloads: [1600x1200] [1280x1024] [1024x768] The photo credit goes to Lokozen at SXC.hu
  13. yup... you can simply edit them in the Config Editor. I've modified mine so instead of just for the purpose of looks, they actually really work
  14. Humm... my Flurry caused the XP to restart. Does it has something to do with my NVidia GeForce? Tried the renaming but it didn't work as well.. Can anyone help? Thanks...
  15. Hi everyone... Nick is Evenflow, name is Harry. Simply a Mac Lover-PC User... Greetings...
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