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  1. It's my latest hard-drive icon, thanks for all your support and advises. download: http://www.nicolasyu.com/downloads/NEW_HD.zip And my new website is out recently.I also update online store, and welcome to check it out and download http://www.nicolasyu.com
  2. hi.all i was make some gift for everyone, 2 Xmas icons and snow wallpaper, merry xmas! download:http://www.nicolasyu.com/downloads/xmas08.zip www.nicolasyu.com
  3. beta web site online http://www.nicolasyu.com/ we 'll make more icons for everybody,thx host by mobile me.
  4. i want make a "The Dark Knight" movie Icon Set.4-8 icons 512 px nicworks: www.nicolasyu.com
  5. Thanks.and i make a wooden box in the night, 512x512px for leopard.Coming soon…
  6. i was make a glass icon, download in mywebsite: www.nicolasyu.com it's test work in 3d,a new way for make icon.
  7. hi,i make a blog :www.nicolasyu.com blog app:tense log2.1 i make a simple theme for the blog,i'll finish it in next time, the website have some icon and design,thanks. i was make a new theme:Stickies www.nicolasyu.com
  8. The font reference to the film, as far as possible similar to the.
  9. An icon of ''national treasure2 book of secrets'',from the movie. Comments:http://skitch.com/madeonmac/g3xb/book-of-secrets www.nicolasyu.com
  10. Hi,everybody,my hard disk was overed in the day before yesterday,it's bad news, Unfinished the Bourne Ultimatum Icons of 512x512px in the HD,and some other icons.website and works,date recover was expensive.so i need more time to recover some works.i plan next update my website remit to March.So hope understand. i want to improve my website design in next time.hope everybody give me some suggest. Comments:http://www.lingr.com/room/icon
  11. thanks,JR007 thx.everybody,512x512px need more time to finish. i work so busy,hope understand,in the after,nicworks new icon have 512x512 px.
  12. The Bourne Ultimatum Icons from nicworks,thx everybody. hosted in China,maybe so slow,please wait a moment. 6 icons,128x128px website:http://www.nicolasyu.com download page:http://www.nicolasyu.com/nicworks_en/nicworks_download.html comment:http://www.lingr.com/room/icon
  13. download page was opened.now only for mac,in the weekend,i'll make for png package a zip file.thx
  14. JR007,thx,i plan on this weekend,download online,thx randy620, 谢谢支持,国外的朋友交流环境更加的有趣和专业。我会继续出更多的作品的。
  15. thx,proenca. everybody Merry Christmas!
  16. i need one week to finish my download page and a gallery,after,u can download our studios icons,thx everybody support.Merry Christmas!
  17. hi we make a studio,it's our site www.nicolasyu.com we like make icon,and share for everyone.hope u like it. now content was Chinese.i 'll keep go to make gallery and download page,thx
  18. nice! use ps or ai to make this?
  19. thx,i need more time to make they,mac osx 10.5 Leopard and vista had 512x512 pixels,had more detail than before os icons.
  20. thx.Faneramx www.studiomx.eu icon is great. my msn:[email protected] hope some icondesigner can add me ,we can talk something about icon and interface.
  21. In the begin of the moive,a man to the Waterloo station to meet bourne,you can see the london black taxi,but about Bullets,i add it,i know most time Bourne not use Gun,may be it Should to The Bourne Supremacy. i need more time to make other icons.they'll look like from The Bourne Ultimatum. thx.every one
  22. i want to make some icons from the movie The Bourne Ultimatum,it's cool,if u have some good thinks,u can tell me in here.thx. www.nicolasyu.com
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