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  1. great job, i really hate the old annoying search bar minize it is a great idea btw can we look how much system resource is it using ?
  2. is there anyway to fix this problem. msvdm - microsoft multiple desktop when i am minimize a window to rk launcher then switch to another desktop, an additon minimize icon appeared in the launcher. Is there anyway, to get rid of the additonal icon.
  3. Hopefully i put this post in the right place yeah i am looking final phase of cutomzing . I am looking for a boot screen, logon/off, log on & off music , changer. Just like those wall paper randomizer, changes wall paper each time you logon windows. Thanks in advance
  4. rolf rolf lolol just found it out it was my cell phone txt message
  5. well the close program haven't registered any sound. Perhaps i should just do a fresh install of my windows....
  6. after installing flyakite , i kept on getting beep sounds for every 5 minutes. After I uninstall it I'm still getting it. So maybe it is not flyakite's problem is there any solution i can trace those annoying noise?
  7. I love the mac design but never try the system once ~ After downloading flyakite i found that at the right hand side of the tool bar, besides the clock, there is a magniflying glass thing (looks like search thing) what does it do ? Do i require to install other software to make it work?
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