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  1. Yes, it works fine via the proxy (and faster than I've ever seen that page load TBH)... Yes, I still have no access directly, so either my ISP doesn't allow ksoft.nm.ru or ksoft.nm.ru doesn't allow my IP, or IP range any more. FYI, UK 20Meg Cable (Always on, no dial in) user. Thanks for the proxy link, I'll try some others I know for the files, but SmartUp Menu, and Mac Finder Toolbar for Windows are looking really good in the screenies.
  2. This is odd. KSoft site is still showing "Forbidden You don't have permission to access / on this server." But Google cached it on 27th May. Have I been blocked? The cached page suggests Konstantin has moved on to a new launcher... But I can't access anything but the basic text of the page. I'm eager to try out "SmartUp Menu v0.1.1" but as things stand, I can't even see the screenshots.
  3. KSoft website has been down for me for about a week now. Missing RunMe & IcyRadio linkage usually found at ksoft.nm.ru. Please tell me this (and other KSoft apps) are not going for good. Missing you already Konstantin.
  4. Thanks Lid... I've not noticed such problems with Vista Home Premium x64 and V2.0, and Ice theme, but good to know of any new release.
  5. From what I can make out, this article explains DEP quite well in Russian language.
  6. @Lupo73 I don't think "a good refresh" is the best way to put it. Icy is already really good at what it does, and it's appearance is awesome, if you don't like what you have, just make a new skin. It could use some more integration, drag'n'drop URLs from browser or browser plugin (IE BHO and/or Mozilla xpi) and streaming video (which is where I use it most) could use a little polishing off. Some channels I have to revert to VLC because they just don't start in Icy, and initial setup of channels is quite funky rooting through the html source for the stream URL. I still prefer to use the Icy UI for accessing regular streams over VLC tho. Just coz the UI is so cool. @KSoft (Konstatin) You don't have a problem with Icy on XP / Vista if you don't alter DEP settings from default. However "default" is different on 2003 / 2007 OS, and if you set XP /Vista to 2003 / 2007 "safer" settings then you have a problem with Icy, and have to "exclude" it. DEP works a little like firewall or web popup blocker. It makes certain code, which has legitimate uses, but is more frequently used for evil purposes (just like popups) an illegal operation. Intel and AMD implemented this in hardware as Linux OS' were working on software code breakers to secure Linux servers... DEP (Data Execution Protection) is supported on all Windows OS from 5.1sp2 upwards... there may also be different effects depending on whether it is implemented by the CPU (hardware DEP) or only in the OS Kernel (software DEP). It's quite simple if you understand any Machine Code language, but not so clear if you are used to only High Level language code only. I've attached a PDF that illustrates the basics better than I can in a BBCode message, but I know language barriers are also a problem. The biggest point is that it is hard to break DEP in High Level languages (you can do it in C, and therefor C++, but you would have to break several conventions and put up with compiler warnings, any BASIC which still supports PEEK, POKE and GOTO could do it) otherwise you'd have to link some Assembler either statically or via a DLL. This is why I don't think it's IcyRadio it's self, but rather some component the program relies on. The other point is that code which breaks DEP was perfectly legal Windows code up until XPsp2, and is still acceptable in certain uncommon cases. Self-Modifying code, "Just In Time Compilation" etc. Many AV programs try to detect what DEP stops dead at a much higher level, and I would try to code DEP friendly, just as I would try to avoid upsetting common AV programs. "False positives" are sometimes unavoidable however... and this is (kind of) one of them. Summery Until you can find what component causes DEP to break and find an update or replacement which doesn't. The False Positive, exclude Icy from DEP explanation is the best way to tell users what and why this happens. DEP_Explain.pdf
  7. Yes yes... I completely agree. I'm quite attached to some of the compilers I use, but I'm always on the look out for something more cross platform. I think essentially, I'd like something that can encapsulate Mozillas XUL UI into the VCL hierarchy. lol... never mind we can dream. BTW... what timing component / API are you using to time the animations? Perhaps I could research alternatives for you... with regard to the speed differentials depending on what other windows are in memory, or help debug ones you find on alternative hardware. Let me know if you want a Beta tester.
  8. Ahh, Ja. En Deutsche sprechen das Wettervorhersage ist en Fahrenheit oder Celsius. Das ist her gut. Unlike my German which is only so-so. Fahrenheit and Celsius is a very scientific description of the two measuring systems, and therefor a-political, which is better considering the wide variety of what is considered "politically correct" around the world, even within the same language. I can't get RunMe to produce what I guess would be Фаренгейт or Цельсия, even though my system supports Cyrillic type, as I think RunMe is not a Unicode built application. All I get are ??????????s. lol That's normal with Delphi, and I can't find an easy way to do Unicode apps in C++ Builder either... From what I can gather Lazuras produces true Unicode executables, and can build to 32 or 64 bit applications. But I'm not sure how easy it would be to port your GDI Plus controls from VCL to LCL. (Lazuras makes me green with envy, I want a C++ version of it. ) In Britain we also use "Centigrade" to refer to metric temperatures, but I can't promise that that is so with all English speakers around the world, where I'm pretty sure we would all understand Celsius. As to Drag and Drop, I've not found a way to make this work well, since the menus disappear as soon as you select icons in Explorer or Fileman, and don't return when you drag files over the tab. If I drop them on the tab, they appear in the start panel (which is never where I want them) and in no particular place on it... each time I drop they come up somewhere else. I just accept this as part of a work in progress. I can't drag items from RunMe, to it's self (to re-order items) or to the desktop (to create shortcuts)... but since you can cut and paste items in RunMe with a similar end result, I presume this is normal behavior too.
  9. Are you sure you're using the latest 0.9.2 version? I remember something similar, but can't reproduce it now... just in-case, it might help to know which theme/skin you are using and what side you are docking RunMe? Digression I do notice that selecting "Slide Out On Mouse Leave" happens regardless of the check box state... and that weather measurements are either "English" or "Metric"... well I'm English, and all our weather, temperatures etc are quoted in Metric... we haven't used imperial measurements for many years, except in our pubs (as in "a pint of beer") and road signs (Miles as opposed to Kilometers). I believe only the Americans, and then probably not the Canadian ones still use Fahrenheit, and their interpretation of Imperial quantities is different from the English. So I'm guessing the term should be Metric or U.S. Though you could use the term "Imperial" if it turns out some nation of the former British Empire or perhaps former British Commonwealth nation does still use that measurement system for their weather... Of course I have no idea how Mexico, and other non-US American nations measure temperature, but I think many of them do use kilometers on road due to their connections to Spain, and their former empire. And to all those who live in nations still suffering the legacies of my nations former Empire, on behalf of my ancestors, I do apologize. There are many little inconsistencies like this in the program, and I imagine there will be till KSoft reaches a version 1.x of RunMe. It's good to note them, but we also need to be able to reproduce the effect in order to fix it. Is anyone else having this trouble and can you share what configuration you are using? Cheers.
  10. You're all most welcome. And yes I'm still keeping tabs here. Just to confirm, both KSoft download and Aqua-Soft forum exe only provide the same exe Version 0.9.2(.1) File hashes (exe file):- MD5 = 213C24AA5FF1761A7AB416C445E5C713 SHA1 = B4D4F15907378C3AA9467C137BDADA3AB2BC7023 If your exe hash doesn't match, it's either a different version or infected.
  11. Err... version 0.9.2 is available as a Zip from http://www.ksoft.nm.ru/... scroll down to RunMe. There is no installer as yet. Just extract to C:Program Files or C:Program Files (x86) as appropriate and run from there. Right click any menu item and select Settings, on the options tab, the bottom tick box is for starting at login... there are other ways to achieve this, but that's all you need to do. I don't know of a Version Konstantin could know more / better.
  12. I'm curious if Environment Variables or Shell Namespace Objects are acceptable for paths... fe %UserProfle% or shell:Programs. Testing, shell:Programs seems to work as "Link" or "Disk or Folder" provided "As Menu" is not ticked, %UserProfile% doesn't work at all. And about the "Scroll button", yes, I knew what you meant. I have a left button, a right button and no scroll wheels middle mouse buttons or scroll buttons. Nor do I intend to give up my custom pointing device to acquire some cheep scroll wheel which only does the same as the one on my keyboard, or an extra mouse button. I guess I could macro the eMail key or something to send middle mouse button signal to Windows with AHK or AutoIt, seems like a lot of effort however. Can't we just have a configurable click (ctrl + left click, etc) for that function? Just to be backward compatible for people (like me) who think Apple have the right idea not complicating the pointing device with 1000 + 1 fancy controls you never normally use? What will we do when we are all using tablet PCs, many of them don't have any buttons on the stylus. (Okay keyboard combinations with no keyboard isn't really happening either but you get my point. Different people work different ways and prefer different devices.)
  13. That's a good simple low-tech solution I've seen before, in many guises. They typically work well for explorer based interaction, but fall over if your guests have access to the command prompt or alternative file managers such as Fileman.exe, Total Commander etc. But it gives me a good idea. ADS (Alternative Data Streams) never show up in either explorer or cmd.exe. Therefor you could attach your filesystem image (from ImDisk, DriveCrypt, TrueCrypt etc) to "C:Windows:hidden.img" or such. That would make the image file (containing all your "pr0n" or whatever) very difficult to remove without a rootkit / malware removal program which looks for and removes ADS's. As I say, my main concern with mounting a filesystem stored in an image file, is that if you find the image file, it usually looks like nothing and is easier and quicker to delete by mistake than a whole folder (directory tree) full of "valuable" files. Thinking again, there is another way to look at this whole thing. I guess, ultimately, what we are really trying to do here is avoid having to make backups in case of mistakes... I wonder why none of us has put it that way before? lol The lengths we all go to to avoid doing something simple but tedious. Any of the folders I would be concerned about are tens of Gigs in size, but if you had less, I suppose I could suggest some form of on-line scheduled synchronisation. How sensitive your pr0n collection (and yes, I'm using pr0n to describe any data of sentimental value to you) is will determine who you use as a backup store. There is a filesystem available for both Windows and *nix environments which uses a GMail account as it's backing store... SkyDrives, MegaUpload and RapidShare are other alternative, cheap to free solutions with very little security with regards to the privacy of your store. Of course most real Mac owners have the use of an iDrive. The GMail drive is about the closest equivalent of this. http://www.viksoe.dk/code/gmail.htm As a side note, ImDisk supports hosting your image file on an HTTP server, so if you rent WebSpace which you have upload and download capability on, you can mount an image file stored there. What ever capacity they may allow you, uploading 40Gig even every week, or even making incremental backups from an originator is going to be costly in time and bandwidth. Hence my initial statement on practicality based on scale. Equally, backing up 40Gig to 10 or so DVDs in your writer takes a lot of time. I know, because every 3 or 4 months I typically have to do this for my own piece of mind. The advantage of an on-line solution may be that you don't have to break the archive down in to parts which will optimise the use of your media, and can be left running unattended.
  14. Aha!!! I only have 2 mouse buttons. No, those sliders don't (normally) work for me in the new 0.9.2 version, though they did in 0.8.x. I've made a breakthrough in when it works at sensible speed and when it doesn't. o/ ( I will gladly clarify if needed.
  15. Hmm. You mean TrueCrypt / DriveCrypt? Same thing. But I do apologies for the mixed metaphor. You understood the gist anyway, the encryption is beside the point, it's making it harder to access the volume that's the interesting part for you. I'd recommend ImDisk http://www.ltr-data.se/opencode.html If there is something else I'm missing or misunderstanding I'm afraid after re-reading I still can't see it.
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