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  1. shameless self-advertising: http://brumm.deviantart.com/ also, I did most of the photos of http://poseurdebombes.deviantart.com/ amazing streetart pieces :cool:
  2. Thanks for the answer and insights, yes that helped. I'm trying to put together a little quicksilver-esque program which lets you search incrementally through the active windows' menu and send a WM_COMMAND message with the associated menu id. This works flawlessly with standard windows applications, but fails with certain fancy menus. For Photoshop I went the extra mile and exported the default menu structure via Photoshop itself as a .htm file, read out the menu IDs and put all this together in a text file which serves as a kind of plugin. The downside off this is the amount of
  3. Hi folks, I'm searching a way to get photoshop menu texts with their associated ID, to later call them via PostMessage. I'm using a scripting language with DllCall abilities, and tried GetMenuString() and GetMenuItemInfo() - neither does work. IDs are retrieved, though. (via GetMenuItemID()) Does someone have an idea or could point me in the right direction?
  4. I'm not going to pretend that I have any actual knowledge of maths, or guarantee that this is what you've searched for, but here's a (shortened) code snippet I used in a scripting language to get x/y data for positioning buttons in a circular form. Maybe it's useful for you: DrawCircle(center_x, center_y, Radius, NumOfItems) { Degree = 0 PointSpacing := 360 / NumOfItems Loop, %NumOfItems% { XPos := sin(DegToRad(Degree)) * Radius + center_x YPos := cos(DegToRad(Degree)) * Radius + center_y Degree += PointSpacing } }(This'll start the the Circle at 6 o' clock, then proceed clock
  5. It's nice What would be even nicer, and I hope this is not frowned upon, would be a version with just the wood texture, for us minimalists
  6. Sure there is, I'm a bit puzzeled by the fact you don't know about Avedesk's Pidlshortcuts. Create a new Pidlshortcut (now called AvedeskIcon in Avedesk 2.0 Beta), open the desklet properties and have a look at "Label" and "Label format".
  7. Argh, I was dead tired yesterday and forgot some info - thanks for the advice, I'll have a look at the fan (which I took off during cleaning)... D'oh! On the secondary thing... I'm running a dual monitor setup, the primary port connected to the primary monitor. During games, I still can see the Desktop on the secondary monitor, which screws up too, at the peak of the errors. (but in a different pattern.) I've never even heard of a crossfire mode, but I'll look into it. The pattern on the screen is like a second (but frozen) image - which overlays suddenly, not gradually. I'll try to make a
  8. Okay, folks, please bear with me. I am uttermost illiterate when it comes to all things related hardware. Since recently, my display acts up when I try to run 3D games, it works for a short time, but then goes all crazy: At most times, the pc crashes after that. I installed new drivers, but to no avail. I don't really have the heart to admit this, but recently I took my graphics card apart too clean it from dust... I really hope I didn't damage anything. The card's a ASUS X800GTO Series Secondary, according to AIDA32. Did I really feck up my graphics card..?
  9. Yeah Levi! The last one reminds me a lot of Guybrush Threepwood in Monkey Island 3 - Without the curls, of course.
  10. Nope, I don't mind. Thanks for de-borting me
  11. I don't care if I deserve a birthday thread or not, I'll post it anyway, Muhahaha! *pets birthday present, a shiny new diNovo Edge* Edit: Darn, how embarrassing to misspell the title... Blame the new Keyboard layout ^^
  12. oh, I recently cleaned up my server and must have accidentely deleted the archive ^^; it's up again, sorry for the fuss - and thanks for trying it out
  13. Thank you! This is developed to be a WindowBlinds Skin, but there have been many requests for a Msstyle version... So, either someone is willing to port it, or I'll do it... sometime.
  14. I think you mean PsManip - it's an app to manipulate the Photoshop CS2 Window, to make it more mac-like - See here
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