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  1. Yes, it's the "mouse cursor" security update. I don't think uninstaling it is a good solution, it contains many critical security patches.
  2. Other programs with this error: regedt32.exe, nero.exe I guess uninstalling KB925902 security update would fix it, not that I recomend it.
  3. I don't have WB, but it handles shaped windows and round corners much better then say, Winplosion. Also unlike Winplosion it doesn't minimize windows when you activate "show desktop", so you can use it with RKLauncher. Concerning memory, I have no problem with it. It takes about 30 MB on max settings, many windows 1600x1200, but you can set it to use graphic card memory instead of RAM . But for me the best thing about it is the way it scales and places windows in an organized way. There is also cool translucent effect when you select windows.
  4. here's a screenshot http://img225.imageshack.us/img225/1193/rvzr3.jpg yes it's 10$, but the demo is fully functional.
  5. I'll try to link some screenshots, but i don't think still pictures will do the justice, it's the animation that matters
  6. I'm using it for about a month now, and It's the best Expose clone I found, smooth, fast, ellegant and without problems. I searched, but it seems it was not mentioned on Aqua-Soft. So, check it out : Reflex Vision
  7. I just checked.. build 258, with Firefox its the same except that Firefox won't handle shell protocol at all. It just displays empty tab. Its funny that when I right click the shortcut it displays specific options like "empty recycle bin". So the shortcut is somehow correctly resolved internally by RKLauncher, but it is executed in default browser, not explorer.exe as it should.
  8. unforunately, it seems that RKLauncher uses default browser to launch URL protocols. No problem if you use IE, but the effect on my computer is that it loads Opera to open recycle bin
  9. I talked to Flyakite, he will fix it in 3.5. We only need to make a list of files affected. Here is what I found by now: wmplayer.exe, calc.exe, helpctr.exe, wuauclt.exe, cmd.exe, taskmgr.exe Please add files you wont fixed..
  10. some icons installed by Flyakite 3.0 look like this I'm not sure if its not a Rklauncher issue ( its latest build available, 111) but I haven't seen it with Flyakite 2.0
  11. I have it also. Icons installed by Flyakite 3.0 have black borders. 2.0 icons looked ok.
  12. Huge thanks for the info! I was sure it's something with my install.. I think I'll wait for the update rather than tweak by myself. Thanks Flyakite for your amazing, outstanding work, that makes me happy everyday!
  13. Hi, I just installed this great mod. Unfortunately I'm stuck with a problem. After rebuilding icons cache I lost some of my hires icons ( from previous Flyakite ). I found that shell32.dll icons are now only 48x48. I reinstalled several times, downloaded from diffrent mirrors. Rebuilded the cache many times.. I have no idea what to do next.. please help!
  14. Minimized windows show up in entbloess ( http://www.entbloess.com/ ) as normal windows.
  15. A bug related to drag&drop. I set a shutdown docklet to show confirmation dialog. Each time I click it the icon glues to the cursor. It's an OD docklet.
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