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  1. Inspire by Louie Mantia (Wonka Industries) Special thanks:) They are six kinds of hard drive icons. Download Enjoy:)
  2. After rip had been done before this theme released it, I had not put out the port permission. However, many screen shots of an individual port will be seen. And, I think that those ports are used for the tool only of the boast of the screen shot. For the person who cannot do the port ! Permission is issued now. Official port (duyvan82, Xman, sky, etc) Besides this, please contact me when there is a person who wants to do the port. To the Styler Toolbar author Please edit ini. There are many things with my name. Please write your name. @Timan and Unbeliever Please close if this post is a mistake.
  3. They are not complete yet. Because I became busy, it releases it temporarily. 100 icons are included. Download is my site. Enjoy:)
  4. In driving this track icon, drunken driving is OK. Moreover, even the child is OK. It is not actually good. Please safety drive. Download is my site.
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