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  1. Inspire by Louie Mantia (Wonka Industries) Special thanks:) They are six kinds of hard drive icons. Download Enjoy:)
  2. After rip had been done before this theme released it, I had not put out the port permission. However, many screen shots of an individual port will be seen. And, I think that those ports are used for the tool only of the boast of the screen shot. For the person who cannot do the port ! Permission is issued now. Official port (duyvan82, Xman, sky, etc) Besides this, please contact me when there is a person who wants to do the port. To the Styler Toolbar author Please edit ini. There are many things with my name. Please write your name. @Timan and Unbeliever Please close
  3. They are not complete yet. Because I became busy, it releases it temporarily. 100 icons are included. Download is my site. Enjoy:)
  4. In driving this track icon, drunken driving is OK. Moreover, even the child is OK. It is not actually good. Please safety drive. Download is my site.
  5. Thank you for the comment a lot. Additional folder (6 icons) It made it from the girlfriend's request. Download
  6. They are 176 icons in all. There are various variations. Then, please enjoy it. Download is my site
  7. Bister Three font type (LucidaGrande, Tahoma, Arial) Download Stylerskinpage and DeviantART Mac version Coming soon
  8. LuTune Full screen Luna+iTunes5 Three font type (LucidaGrande, Tahoma, Arial) Download Stylerskinpage and DeviantART
  9. It is a simple wallpaper. Download is deviantART
  10. Theme : DRAGON beta(90%) Icon : mix Wall : ??
  11. It is possible to download it from deviantART. deviantART
  12. The Mac theme is very difficult unlike the theme of Windows. Congratulations on StefanKa.
  13. lcyyinyin Thank you. It forgot to write. As for the Windows icon, 64x64, 72x72, 96x96 are not included.
  14. It is not complete though it is an icon set. ( all 140 icons) Thank you for the people who test. Thank you for Rimshot that gives permission moreover. Download is my site. Please enjoy it.
  15. Nice Wall The site is also very good. Please make DCSHOECO. DCSHOECO
  16. It is VLC media playera icon. The file type icon is included. (All 28 icons) ENJOY Download Windows Download Mac
  17. Beautiful desk Seph good work Bz
  18. gr8 wall and icon I think that I buy Mighty Mouse.
  19. Update It corresponds to Multi-Plugin 0.68. Download is deviantart.
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