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  1. This picture looks a lot nicer than the original AS toilet paper image that google images used to show. I guess we've improved over the years.
  2. Goku! How the **** are you? (This has been a completely unproductive post. If I were me, I'd delete it.) If I were you, this community would be a vastly different place . By the way, I like your sig, still unchanged over the years. -NC
  3. I was very involved in Arch Linux for a while. It's a great distro, still about the same as when I left it, on last look. If you want to learn about the guts of a distribution, it's a good choice. Right now my machines use Ubuntu, since I don't have as much time to putz with them, and they're a bit on public access now, and it's easy for other people to use. I've been semi-keeping in touch with Whatah, last talked a couple months ago. He's doing very well! I don't know how much he wants me to share, but he's graduated and has a sweet job doing security work at....a place that could really use it. ;-) And what's the deal with this MacThemes? Are we not satisfied with Aqua now?
  4. I see some names I recognize. Has Tim been behaving himself? By now his head must be the size of a watermelon. I bet he still hasn't recovered from when I 'rm -rf /'d his hard drive.
  5. Hello everyone! I haven't been around in a long while. It's nice to see the place is still kicking. Any of the oldies besides Tim still here? I've got a nice, shiny (not so shiny, actually -- it gets those yellow stains) Macbook, and I still run Linux on my desktops.
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