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  1. Think I might just uninstall SP3 and then install Flyakite
  2. Cheers. Got to be THE best tool out there for creating screenshots by a long stretch. Thanks for pointing me to it.
  3. My Desktop for February '08 All info on my DA Page Oh, am using FlyaKite OSX Patcher v3.5 as well. Click Me
  4. .. Nothing Special My Desktop - 07/07/07
  5. I know the details on DA say the wallpaper is departure by hybridworks, but i cannot find it on their website?
  6. Has a compatible theme been made for FF 2.0?
  7. Ive just been on doing my portfolio website of gfx design ive done and web design. I would be grateful for some feedback and any ideas for improvements http://MY SITE
  8. @BaStar - Any chance you could share the wallpaper pls?
  9. Can you tell me what VS this is please its brilliant!
  10. @Kikiro Any chance you can post this wallpaper and link to the VS Fantastic!
  11. Fantastic VS, clean and crisp. I ALWAYS end up going back to using it
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