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  1. Ouh, I made it The app works, you can choose between the corner by double clicking the tray icon! For those who want to test it: http://www.inpacshp.de/fliptrig.zip (only a few KB)
  2. heyho I had the simple idea to write a small background app which triggers vista's flip 3d as soon as I move the mouse in one of the corners of the desktop (configurable). Well, it works! Using the following lines (basic language): ExecFile "C:WindowsSystem32RunDll32.exe DwmApi #105" This is the usual link you have to use in a shortcut you could place on the desktop to trigger flip3d. But before showing the flip3d effect, there's always the following message: (sorry, I'm german) When I hit the OK button, flip3d is shown. Any idea what's wrong with the link? Any idea h
  3. I just saw this "wallpaper" on windows vista ultimate blog: http://windowsultimate.com/files/folders/u...s/entry166.aspx (hit the download button, a jpg will appear) now have a look at the original: http://www.macrumors.com/2007/01/01/apple-...elcome-to-2007/ isn't that pity-worth ? sometimes you can apologize ms' behaviour saying "there's just no other way to design it as apple did" but in this case there's no apology just another small thread late in the evening ...
  4. wow thanks a lot, this manager seems to be able to really manage multiple desktops using the time machine wallpaper found in http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread....chine+wallpaper it really a cool fx
  5. unfortunately they are even not available for the vista RC2 version which is also an ultimate version
  6. I'm still using RC 2 of Vista. Some of you say that Vista is a small graphical update for XP with some additional features, who ought to be implemented much earlier. Well, I agree. But I DO recognize the difference between working on XP and working in Vista. Especially for me, who has to have an well designed environment and interface in order to be able to feel "at home", I'm sick of using thousands of apps in XP to get rid of Luna, get shadows, get clean high-res icons and so on. That's why I do not want to switch back to XP anymore, because vista gives me that desired "feel at home" fe
  7. I'm going to buy a black mac book as soon as leopard will be released and it's my firtst mac. The only thing I critisize is the on board graphics chip. Well, I know, the mac book is Apple's "rookie" notebook so it needn't to have a real graphics chip, ... I ougth to buy a mac book pro in order to be able to work with pro apps (I'm partially working as a web designer). But I don't have the money, that's the problem
  8. I could solve the problem... It was perhaps my fault, cuz I deleted the "isShortcut" registy entry to force vista to not show the shortcut arrow. The better way to do that is to replace the shortcut icon with a blank, transparent icon file. Windows Vista seems to have problems with Lnk files when you kill the "IsShortcut" entry
  9. I'm going to buy a black mac book soonly and I'm also waiting for Leopard. Some "experts" claim they will release leopard on 24. march next year, excactly 6 years after the release of Mac OS 10.0. I also heard about the coupon you receive of your local reseller when you buy a mac in a span of time before the release of a new OS but the guys of the apple shop couldn't tell me how long it is.. two weeks, four weeks? It's so hard to wait for my mac book just because of Leopard It would be great if Steve Jobs released Leopard already on the MWSF 2007
  10. You can create a "template" in photoshop. then you can switch to Image ready using the "Jump to image ready" button in the toolbar. In Imagre Ready you can make image maps and "slices" with a cutter tool to devide your design into different parts (e.g. navigation, main content, bottom..) - be sure to designate the slices and the image maps properly to get a nice and clean html code afterwards ...
  11. Hey guys, do you know how to visit the iTunes store with a usual web browser like firefox or IE? would be great. thx bye
  12. hey, I've rebuilt Hobbes' wallpaper I found in this thread (http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=39350) and modified some details. You can find the widescreen (1920x1200) version here: With "Leopard" Without "Leopard"
  13. Hey guys, .. As we all know, vista adds the shadow effect we used to pretend using Yz Shadow or Window FX on every window. But some applications seem to have some window settings which forbids vista to draw shadows like iTunes and Trillian. There was a app called "addshadow.exe" which could be used to say window fx to add shadows to a specific application. my question: is there a similar application for vista that adds shadow to those unsupported apps?
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