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  1. Looks good. But they weren't exactly what I expected when I clicked on the title.
  2. Great idea, nice icons. But I think the bullet looks a bit off... might be jsut me, though.
  3. Dock Icons for Bit Tornado (128 x 128). Download/View at: Deviantart.com WinCustomize Note: There are 2 icons for this release. One of which is shown in the preview. The second icon, which is not shown in the preview, is semi-transparent. The wincustomize link only contains the preview icon. Download BOTH icons at Deviantart.com
  4. Thanks, guys. @idunno: Yeah, I'm glad too.
  5. Erm.. nothign to describe. Just 2 calculator PNGs that I came up with. View/Download at: Deviantart OR WinCustomize
  6. Hm.. I can't wait for you to release the metal+gloss set.
  7. Heh. Good your you, Zach. For those who are making requests, I'm still considering if I want to make them (especially green ones). I think that they're TOO many already (come on, 4 utorrent icons within weeks?).
  8. Great idea. I felt that the gradients on the hard drives are a little "unrealistic," though. However, that might be how you want it to look like. In all, it's a nice set of icons.
  9. I think there's too many of those icons already.. It's about time that I move on to other stuff.. Well, if I can't think of anything else to do, I might do an update (it'll probably be the last).
  10. The pack has just been updated with an additional icon. Check it out.
  11. Hey guys, a friend of my suggested that I make one with a 3D "u". I'm still working on it. You can check out the preview at deviantart. All comments are welcome.
  12. Hm. I'll see if I can help you with it. Might take a while, though. Preparing for tests next week.
  13. What kind of icon do you have in mind? I can't find a 'trend' in your dock icons. Does anyone of these Blue Desktop icons appeal to you?
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