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  1. I found other one in devianart more closet that working perfect in rk launcher... check it (only I have changed the indicator) DOWNLOAD
  2. MANY THANKSSS!!! u are mi hero! (working now in a reflection icon pack)
  3. How can I set the window message size globally? I want that miranda remember the message window size always... may be editing some line on *.tsk file? :slant:
  4. thanks but i have it... I´m sure is Apple inc but is so artistic I believe is a photographer...
  5. These icons are in Milqu Ichat miranda skin (try to search in Milqu GUIKit) I upload the icons here here
  6. Someone know the author's name please?
  7. Thanks (I haven't yet the wii... very hard to find existences in my city... :mad: )
  8. Looks Lucida Grande but this special characters... :slant: What is this font? I have a lot of mac fonts (Lucida Grande, LucidaGrande, Lucida G, Lucida Gr, LucidaMAc, OBFont, Mac Grande, MacDigs...) but no has these symbols like the plane, only some arrows, the apple logo... Thanks for the help
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