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  1. Wich one do you use? I stick with ZSNES at the moment, but i think there is no really good looking emu for Mac :slant: A emu that archives the roms iPhotolike in a animated shelf that lets you drag the game into the game console would be cool...
  2. WOW O_O Thanks Austin! I have to hug you now *hug*
  3. This is where is got it from XD Would made a superior icon for the SNES-emu of my choice if i could get a 128px version.
  4. Does someone know who made this?
  5. Too bad that you're not a Mac-user Jet, i really miss your Themes
  6. Uhmn.. Did you make it out of my posted .png?
  7. someone got this one? if possible as .icns
  8. Ekisho Deep Drive + Agua Extras Drive nice idea... *goes modding*
  9. I know they made this I see no problem ripping the icon out for personal use, since it's normal here, the only problem i have is that i don't have a Win machine in reach atm to extract the icon... So i need some help of a nice person who will get it out for me
  10. Hi Can someone of you Windows-using buddies get this icon out of the Program, SimpleCopier? It's available here http://www.neogie.com/
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