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  1. Thanks Russel, it's good to see you're not as uptight as other people. And don't worry, you're credited as the creator of the skin, and I'm listed as the porter. I knew it had to be like that from the beginning. Thanks everyone for the nice comments. Happy to see you liked the skin. It looks wonderful sitting next to Rainlendar
  2. Thank you enjoilax, I thought of that too. Is that even a real email address? Looks like a fake field-filler. @Julieta: You're welcome, You're welcome @Danielle: You're welcome. But I can't take any credit for this
  3. No, and that is why he is mentioned as the author of this skin. Do you know his email address?
  4. Hello fellow WCC users! Due to popular request, I have decided to post my port of the Lucid 1.2 Rainlendar skin by thechunkster. (I take no credit for this skin, as all I did was port it) Lucid Skin for Winamp CD Case Preview: This skin can be easily customized to suit your needs. For example, it includes a blank image (blank.png) and 2 different version of nocover and searching (*_white.png and *_black.png), because, even though I like the white text, it was very hard to read on light backgrounds. So feel free to replace them with the black version. Also, the default nocover.p
  5. Oh wow Carlos... You're dealing with WCCB11 and WCCB12 at the same time? And then skins too? It's going to be awfully hard for you to keep up with everything. I say you need to focus, or you might start spreading yourself too thin. Also, do you know how many files I have to download if I want the most updated version of WCC? The beta10 installer, the beta 11 exe to get the icon (only some builds include it!), the beta12 and then some fonts :S It's getting very confusing for users too. Could you to a Beta12 installer? I think it's time for you to release a new installer for beta 12. Or at
  6. System Tray Balloon? I didn't even know that feature was there, haha. I don't use the system tray icon.
  7. I installed Beta 12, and then I didn't like how the PNG fonts looked like (because of the "W" and the parenthesis), plus, it steals focus from my apps when loading a new cd cover. I went back to the latest build of Beta 11, and it still steals focus! And now I restored my backup of my previous beta 11, but it continues to steal focus. So now I've had to disable WCC That's what really bothered me about VB. It does weird things with windows focus. Do you think you can look into it? Can you even reproduce the problem? I don't know what beta it is anymore (kind of an old one, I think. A couple
  8. http://img87.imageshack.us/img87/7875/ss1df.png The PNG fonts look cool, but it messes up with () and W. Maybe some other letters too, but I haven't paid much attention to them. It's very obvious with the parenthesis and the W. Also, there's no slash in the font, and that's why the "Track 8/11" isn't showing properly. Oh, and I have the same problem as Katz, with the progressbar showing on the top left corner. Latest WCC build, pinned to desktop. Using the Glow skin.
  9. Haha thanks! *feels special* What about allowing negative numbers in the text position fields? That way we could put the text (when the notifier background is hidden) virtually anywhere on the desktop. Coolness, if you ask me :cool:
  10. I think I found a small bug... Say I start WCC. Then I decide I want it somewhere else in my desktop, so I drag it somewhere else. Then I decide I want to change some of the skin settings, for example the notifier position. Everytime I change a setting, WCC moves back to where it was when it was first started. Like it only saves the position when you exit it.
  11. Hi Carlos 1: I think you may have misunderstood what I was trying to explain... I want WCC to hide the notifier when Winamp is not running, but to continue displaying the cover. A simple check that reads "Hide notifier when Winamp isn't running" will do the trick wonderfully 2: About the custom noifier size, it's a shame you don't want to implement it. By trying to keep it simple, you are also limiting the possibilities that your app offers to its users. 3: I have never had any problems with WCC not detecting track changes in Winamp. What I was trying to explain is that sometimes I
  12. Hey there Carlos, I've been using Winamp CD Case vor a while now, and I love it. It's just what I was looking for to give my pretty desktop that final touch. Good job! I came up with a list of suggestions that you may appreciate. Someone asked if you could make it so that WCC doesn't display a cover when winamp is not running. Honestly, I love it how it shows the cover of the last album I played. If you change this, please add an option to still show the last album cover. Even though I like looking at the last played album cover, I would like it if the notifier wasn't visible when
  13. Also, it would be awesome if you could enter the size of the notifier in pixels, instead of only 1x, 2x or 3x the jewel case... I'm now a fan of this little app =D
  14. Oh... That's... Confusing. On the tab it says "Read cover" and on the frame "Read cover from", and I assumed that only affected how the program READ the covers, not how it saved them. =/ I guess it was a misunderstanding. Thanks for helping me out. Is there a chance you can port this to AveDesk? Could you maybe add an option to hide the notification when Winamp is not running?
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