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  1. I really like the leopard interface, i just think its kind of cheap from apple to go with transparency effects, in some part it resembles vista.
  2. You got to see that some users also doesnt speak englihs as well as others, and sometimes it looks that were posting something stupid, but its just that english is not our mother language. Just my two cents
  3. March Desk ft. Cloud Strife Theme: Aqua SE Icons: Alumin & Amora
  4. here you can get it organic4.wall
  5. thxn it worked edit: it also worked for the messenger icon
  6. I wouldnt tell that mac os x is faster than windows, because the nature of the bsd mach microkernel is slow, but indeed the trasition from ppc to x86 has made this gap closer. Its just a small price to pay for running os x
  7. Actually the formats are different, a windows formated ipod has a fat32 filesystem but a os x one has a hfs+ filesystem, so the only way of changing it, is to format the ipod in the selected os
  8. HowTo: Windows (XP) on Ubuntu with VMWare Server or for coherence like HOWTO: Running Windows programs under Edgy/Feisty with a virtual (or physical) box! You Should try the Ubuntu Forums for futher troubleshooting
  9. hi, i just switched to mac, and got some question on changing some icons: The Messenger icon shows up in CandyBar, but when i change it and apply the new settings, its not changed. The iPod icon doesnt even show up in CandyBar, and the default one should be a shame for apple (if it matters its a u2 ipod 5.5g) Also i would like to know how to change the name of my vista partition.
  10. im xp i always try to bring expose up to switch windows
  11. finally someone speaks with an open mind
  12. even tought some major features were droped, i think its a very good os; but this is a-s we┬┤ll always hate ms
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