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  1. I wish someone would do a port of this : http://www.wincustomize.com/Skins.aspx?Lib...=live%20weather one of the best, usable widgets from desktopX
  2. that looks great although I'd prefer to see the original konfabulator weather icons in it than the Stardock ones
  3. a moonphase widget with a drop down monthly phase calendar please
  4. fantastic - great idea
  5. well, with the latest release of kongabulator (now yahoo widget engine) being just as much a memory hog as ever, mayb e some of the K crowd will migrate to avedesk ... seems a lot of them aren't very happy with the new name, etc ...
  6. the oil price widget for konfabulator being ported to avedesk would be good ... see it here : http://widgets.yahoo.com/gallery/view.php?widget=36911
  7. spotted this .. for the mac, but would like to see it ported to avedesk, with a skin around it ! http://www.msephton.plus.com/ceefaxviewer/
  8. In the latest versino of avescripter ( the rss news feed doesnt display headlines on startup (occasionally), and the d-weather desklet wont display the main weather icon on startup (always). i went back to the original avescripter version to check .. and dont experience these bugs with it ..
  9. could make a kind of .. sidebar mode too, so that desklets could be dropped into it and still show their info in a smaller form .. or is this the same as the dashboard dock ?
  10. some uk long place names are hanging over the side of the desklet .. and 'united kingdom' never usually gets fully displayed
  11. cool it would be a good option in the picture viewer if you could queue up folders to view (more than one).... like in desktop sidebar
  12. just a suggestion .. but if the rss news feed had a silver border instead of orange, it would look like (but be better than) the Vista RSS reader can I change the size of the text in the click box ? could do with being bigger
  13. ok, I reinstalled avescripter again, and on a friends pc (since it's so good), and none of the problems which I initially encountered. btw ... good work on avescripter .. I can hardly believe what I see in the task manager in terms of mem usage, etc .. so little, but soooooooo good
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