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  1. awsome wall Psychopulse. Very nice.
  2. OK to those who cant crack the code. i posted a hint here at this link http://macheist.com/forums/viewtopic.php?pid=10498#p10498
  3. spclffred


    looks like a light blue, less beveled, more rounded, and emboss pez theme to me. But all in all i like it!
  4. I have become a MacHeist fan. And a fan of nickle coblt. So with permissions from phill ryu, i made a wall. Hope you like it. mrrste got the pattern for me. Thanx mate
  5. Oh no im not asking anyone to crack it for me. lol ive already done it. I was just wondering if all ppl see the same thing as me.
  6. has anybody decryt the Message over at macheist. I did. Im just wondering if everyone gets the same thing.
  7. great! Keep up the work. Practice makes perfect. Dont let ppl get you down. Some ppl dont remember what its like to be a newbie in PS. So they just critque everyones work in negative ways.
  8. [quote= Offtopic: my comp is dead and i'm typing this on my friend's machine... waiting for a new comp >.<
  9. Thats probably cause your not using styler toolbar.
  10. Very good point aashish ill work on that when i get home from work.
  11. glad you guys like them. And nameless just doesnt fit the design. But thanx for the suggestion.
  12. I DONT HAVE A NAME FOR THESE I THOUGHT ID LET THE COMMUNITY THROW OUT SOME SUGGESTIONS. Before i get to showing everyone my icons, i would like to just let you know this is my first attempt at making icons with so much time involved. This is something im going to continue on. Please use contructive critisism if you dont like it. And also this is work in progress.
  13. bored! So i took a couple hours dedicated to customizing my desktop.
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