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  1. Have not recived it yet but I have just orded an 20" cinema display Wow got it today it's amazing
  2. surley he just changed the icon in photoshop?
  3. Thanks for the feed back this is only a preview though and I hope to complete the wallpaper soon
  4. It's not quite done but tell me what you think it will be like when it is:
  5. When will they be telling us what has been released? because it's april 1st now
  6. all you have to do is click view then screen mode and then full screen mode with menu bar
  7. Well i got my mac at christmas and there is no way in hell i would type in a password to view a .jpg file
  8. Well I'm using mesenger mac 5.0 but all my mates are using there pc's with version 7.5 etc. I was wondering if (shuders) microsoft where going to release a newer version soon, I would use iChat but it doesn't support hotmail adresses.
  9. Screw it and go with the power pc, that's what I did.
  10. good point really, I just thaught it would be cool for the menu botton to work
  11. Ok thanks I did but didn't think it would anoyme too much
  12. Ok i have the apple remote and I only have a min mac so it's no use with the mac. So I obviously use it with my iPod mini in the universal dock, now as great as this remote is it's really anoying me that the menu botton doesen't work and that I can only scroll forward and back between the songs. What I'm asking is if anyone knows of any modification I can make so that the menu botton works because it really is starting to bug me, Thanks
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