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  1. thats the ugliest vagina ive ever seen!
  2. http://www.enhancedlabs.com/icadex/ check it out. its been up for a while though.
  3. just to let everyone know i am now out of oink invites. for the people i invited remember to share a lot so you can get promoted to power user. when you are a power user you get 10 invites to share with others.
  4. ive got oink invites... message me if you want one. i'd prefer a trade for a demonoid invite or indie torrents...
  5. what happened to some of the old skins? i used to have an itunes one and it didn't come with the new version. when i uninstalled the old version the skin got deleted. can someone help me out and upload the skin? or can the creator put it in the next build. thanks!
  6. are you using the drive as the master drive with your operating system on it or a secondary/slave drive for data storage? make sure you don't have them both setup to be the master or there could be a conflict. if its brand new and you just replaced your old one you need to reformat it with your windows discs. hope that makes sense.
  7. i'll guess roseanne or the wonder years..
  8. i can't convert them... little help please.
  9. hey kiran_aryan could you send me that mail icon you have in your newest screenshot?
  10. i am having the same problem with it not going to the next track but this only happens occassionaly. i think it has something to do with the gapless playback feature of itunes. i am also using the same setup as you... a fix would be appreciated.
  11. looks good to me.. let us know when its ready for download. i've been waiting for a leopard virtual style.
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