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  1. I think that True Launch Bar (TLB) is similar but it is shareware and without buying/hacking it you will have an annoying Advertisment on your taskbar heres the link if you interested: http://www.truelaunchbar.com/
  2. Im pretty sure they would have some legal problems with apple if they made a very similar app called Spolight for windows. I may not be fully understanding your question?
  3. To create a theme you can either edit every single bit of an exisitng theme using something like Resource Hacker http://www.angusj.com/resourcehacker/ or you can create it from scratch using rescource hacker (harder) i suggest modifying the default XP theme so that you dont get any crap about copying from authors of which theme you may choose to edit. I prefer using resource hacker to styleXP 1) because its free and 2) because you are doing all the work meticulously and you can perfect everything. Another free alternative to styleXP which is basically the same thing as Resource Hacker but w
  4. Im almost positive that it comes from the Powered icon set which can be found here: http://homepage.mac.com/mcdo_design/icons.htm
  5. light2007 has released a set @ deviantart... http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/27782970/
  6. dang i started this whole thread and just for that... i missed it!!! HEY EVERYONE... check out the thread at MACthemes i posted earlier and see what ?Millenuem has done!
  7. try these by fusion over at macthemes... they just came out http://fusiundesign.net/work/themeing/icons/iMac/png.zip ^^download^^
  8. TSU said this on MacThemes "What I made was only a white cinema frame, and other parts used the one that had already been released. The Display is Aqua Tiger Refined of the wallpaper of Blue Rocket. and the part of the Stand used the icon of MINIUMĀ° " PMG5 icon by acronym16 link made. I only made it white. Therefore, it is not possible to release the two icons. sorry
  9. im pretty sure its a personla mod from TSU over at macthemes forums
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