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  1. hey guys, i was wondering if you could help me to find this skin for miranda, would be much appreciated. Edit: i am now hoping that someone can make this skin? Edit[2]: Problem sorted, new skin installed, thread can be closed.
  2. well, how else can i make everything else blend then please, any other software i need to install or any additional addons like weather widgets? edit: am off to bed, lookforward to suggestions to read in the morn.
  3. the miranda vistaskn i don't like though, i have it but i don't like it.
  4. so here is my desktop: and i have windowsblinds public 5 installed, along with rk launcher and miranda, however i still feel it hasn't reached it's potential. Any suggestions on how to improve my desktop further or present are welcomed please. Thanks guys.
  5. wow, it did it, and i checked to see if it worked to get it back (including both c and F drives) and it does, THanks alot, looks so much nicer now, cheers guys.
  6. thanks for the links NC, i do have xp pro too, so i should be ok, just need a confirmation that to gt it back i have to "disble" or click on "not configured"
  7. @ unbeliever i did search my firendly mod, however nothing came up, even when i did an advance search off "recycle bin removal" @iBorn, thanks for the advice, however if i were to want the recycle bin back, how would i do that? Is it just disable? I don't want to try anything untill i am sure that is how you get it back.
  8. so i have just installed RK launcher but i still have my xp recycle bin, now if i were to delete it, how would i resotre it if i were to uninstall Rk Launcher? Thanks for your help.
  9. hey guys, i was wondering if anyone knows where to find this gmail icon as a .png? Thanks.
  10. i know this is my second of today, but....i have made a lot of changes since the earlier post (RK launcher being one), so i wanted to show it again. :slant: Chat: Miranda Dock: RK launcher Wallpaper from socksoff.co.uk
  11. @deepsouth: http://www.socksoff.co.uk/00001/page02/Dif...proach_1600.jpg
  12. can't be bother with preview and credit to royale vista, for WB5 version.
  13. can i have a link to the windowsblinds theme please as i am unable to find it on DA. Thanks Edit: just read it has been pulled, ah well.
  14. ah righty, sorry guys, had a feeling it might have been *regrets not searching*.
  15. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/4880022.stm just thought you guys might want to know this, if not already.
  16. thanks matt and nice desks everyone, keep it up.
  17. can i have a link to the wallpaper please matthew.
  18. thanks for your reply IGO, that is quite nice and similar to what i am after, thank you very much. If anyone else has anything to put forward too, then thanks also.
  19. hey there, i was wondering if it is possible for someone to create (if there isn't one already) a city wallpaper. Now i love san francisco, so it would be amazing if someone could create it aroun that. I hope for it to capture the busy city life oh and the picture from a street perspective. I can remember seeing a wallpaper similar to what i like with a McDo's and it was in a vector style, i think it might have been a japan one. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this.
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