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  1. nice desk blakduki, could i have the link to the dj decks icon pleash? THanks. Edit: Thanks man, gonna use this for my sony acid pro 4 dock icon now
  2. hell yeah, only just downloaded it today, didn't realise it is easy to navigate as this, i love it it is fantastic, thanks loads. One question though, if i were to update to the next releases of iTunes, 6.5 or whatever the next (new) one is, what would happen?
  3. haha, i like them, good work.
  4. http://img276.imageshack.us/img276/4770/28pr1.png too lazy for a preview as need to revise, :slant: ,any questions feel free to PM.
  5. hey blaze man, which icons are you using for you miranda contact list please? ta.
  6. i live close to paula radcliffe, 5 mins away but i shouldn't really publicise that fact. Oh and by the way, went to sheffield today to look round accommodation today and it rained all day.
  7. yeah it is a good uni, especially for sports and mechanical engineering. Also Zaft's pronouciation is correct.
  8. Wallpaper: Freedom_II_by_gkristian Dock: RK Launcher Icons: Mixed Miranda: Luna Element modded by me NFR Widget: Widescape Weather Click^^^
  9. this is quite incredible, check it out and think of the possibilites.. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6379146923853181774
  10. prawn ****tail or wostershire(SP?) sauce. Edit: JA LOL at the sensor.
  11. just skimmed through the thread so not sure if this has been suggested already but my idea is to split the news into two/three sections, for windows and for mac. So when you get to the front page it comes up with the mac or windows logo and you click on your preference and it takes you to the news relating to your system.
  12. well put, case closed. it's wet but humid none the less.
  13. yes mate, place hasn't improved much. Can't believe someone on Aqua knows that, what are the chances? What's your real name and did you go too?
  14. i am in my second year of A levels and am revising for my final exams for maths, psychology and geography. Not a huge crisps fan (too much fat etc) may try them at some point and likewise not a huge footy fan, used to be into man u quite a bit, but who didn't?
  15. ..living upto expectations as always: at least it gives me time to revise. :confused:
  16. Name: TIm Alias: timbob/Cloaked Apprentice/Feagle/TimGC (all on different sites) Age: 17, soon to be 18 Gender: Male Ethnicity: white Hobby: Desktop Customization, power kite, dj mixing. Favorite Foods: ITalian food Favorite Candy: Yorkie (not for girls) Color: meh, anything goes. Operating System: Windows XP Professional Favorite Music: Atmospheric Drum and Bass Current Theme: Royalee Vista by dobee Status: Single
  17. can anyone help me with moving the font away from the margin, recomendations of font and how to chenge the font of each catergory and colour oh and also the colour of the category selection would be nice. See image below: http://img110.imageshack.us/my.php?image=miranda46jl.jpg thank you. Edit: don't worry about it guys, made some adjustments myself: http://img439.imageshack.us/my.php?image=miranda56ms.png
  18. these are funny, i like them, thanks.
  19. hey guys, have found a new skin that i like the look of but the miranda site is down (adons section) so if anyone has this skin (see attachment), could they host it or send me the link please. @mods if i am not allowed to create a second thread could you merge it with this one please? http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=34193 thanks. edit: looking at the ss again, it doesn't look like a skin but a clint plugin i think. , here is the ss http://www.creepit.com/images/desk/2005-10-05.jpg Edit[2]: Problem sorted, new skin installed, thread can be closed.
  20. hey guys, i found what looks like something similar to what i am after, http://www.creepit.com/index.php?2006/01/0...ase-mirandaqute however starting from afresh with a new miranda and i still can't get it to work. Help as always appreciated.
  21. @ blaze, which miranda are you using? can i have a link please? and which ieview plugin. Thanks man and nice desk.
  22. thanks for the host, managed to find the plugin though, however my problem is getting it to work, when i apply it i still have the skin i was using previously stille enabled (adium), how would one go about getting rid of it and getting it to the desired look? Edit: i don't think i am able to do this due to my version of miranda, in which case can someone make it if it isn't too much to ask, i would do it myself but i don't know how to save a file as a .msf or the programs needed (i have photoshop).
  23. apparently it is and i quote "That's no skin, it's just clist_classic plugin" however, when i try to apply the plugin and restart miranda, nothing happens.
  24. i have looked on the miranda site, but to no prevail, might have over looked it though.
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