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  1. very cool looking, great job indeed.
  2. hey i like it, it has a very nice 3d effct to it.
  3. @xizor227, nice desktop, like the smallville season 5 finale screenshot, can't wait for season 6 to start
  4. any questions then feel free to PM.
  5. miranda Acid Recycle Music Windows Media if you could do these it would be great, oh and what font is it you are using please, i like it. Edit: how would i get the wing icons into the rklauncher, as in being there without having to click on them to enable an application to pop up.
  6. looks good, nice work, thanks.
  7. just you, and why do you have rappo's av in your picture when he hasn't posted? Strange.
  8. haven't got flyakite osx installed on my computer but i am presuming: start>all programs>flyakite3.5>uninstall or contol pannel>add/remove software>flyakite. try and give that a shot, but as i say i don't have it installed so i am not sure.
  9. Any questions feel free to PM me, Thanks.
  10. Any questions PM me and i will reply ASAP. THanks
  11. i can't remeber her name either in all honesty, sorry.
  12. This is NOT SAFE FOR WORK Wallaper: Made by me Miranda: A mod made by me Icon: Misc, some made by me Theme: Aero04
  13. just did a quick advance search for it and found this: http://www.macthemesforums.net/viewtopic.p...light=front+row
  14. greeat stuff, thanks.
  15. @Aworldapart hey, nice desk, could you host those shoe icons please?
  16. hey guys, can you try and help me find this dj icon from this dock and sorry i couldn't find a bigger/better image.
  17. Mine for May. Any questions feel free to ask/PM :|
  18. i just intalled WB and tried it again and.. it worked , thanks all, problem sorted and i am loving it.
  19. http://aestheticgroove.com/areao4.html try that blaze, just about to uninstall wb will let you know how i get on.
  20. do you seriously recomend it?
  21. i believe it is a msstyle file, hence why it is presently in my c drive and resources file. do you mean this: http://aestheticgroove.com/
  22. Hey guys, i am having a few problems trying to install several themes, one of them being the aero04 theme as well as clinical and superior. Now i presently have windowsblinds installed, i have copied everything into C:WINDOWSResourcesThemes (see themes one please), however when i go to apply theses themes windows reverts back to "Windows Classic" Theme. However my computer seems to recognise i have them themes( see themes2 pic please). Please note i don't have object bar installed neither do i want, bad experiences with it :| Any help that can be given is muchly appreciated as always a
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