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  1. Hey guys, i can't seem to open miranda anymore, i updated about a week ago and now when ever i click the icon in my dock it comes up with windows error report. Is there anything i can do to fick this or to go back from the last updates?
  2. a mac skinning forum for mac uusers only.
  3. so basically on the xp right click my new volume ( the volume with all my data) create a network place and then plug the ethernet cable into the mac and i should be able to copy and past the files to the mac mini? I have emailed my local network too to se if they have made a note of my mac ethernet card on my xp only allowing me to access the internet through my xp. Stupid money grabbing fools.
  4. wow that sounds just if not more complicated, might have to go with option 3/4. Annoyingly this will take ages. Here is a nother thing not sure if you will be able to answer this though, i am at uni and have bought a 2mb package for the year, and i think it has recorded my mac address for my ethernet card. Now if i were to get a mac mini would my internet still be active?
  5. i just found this step by step guide: http://www.lifehacker.com/software/network...wire-173973.php however i know it is a dumb question to ask but is "ethernet" the same as "firewire"? My comp has an ethernet cable and so does the mac mini so logically i should be able to set up a net work between the two? Thanks for the reply guys.
  6. is that sony acid? does it not run on a mac as i have it on xp and was hoping to install it on my mac mini too.
  7. basically i am thinking of getting a mac (mini) and wanted your advice on how to transfer my fies from my xp. Here is wht i have thought of so far: * Enabling my 3ogb iPod video as a hard disk drive * Using an ethernet cable and borrowing a friends monitr and keyboard set up a network (not sure if this would work). * Burning to disc ( would take ages seeing as i have 80gb worth of files/music videos etc) * Using my 5gb a time of online storage at uni again borrowing a friends setup. anyone think of any other ways?
  8. he has an account but i dont think he has been that active recently. Just take a screenshot of his logo and edit it in some art program, job done.
  9. Any details feel free to PM me. :cool:
  10. well i searched aqua and came up with this thread, thanks for the help though
  11. sorry to bump this post but does anyone know if the webcam is intergrated into miranda now as i have recently purchased one.
  12. thanks for the reply, howver that is way too complicated for me at the mo, might try and do it at some point during the summer, thnaks for the reply. Handbrake for windows, roll it on.
  13. which is the version for windows, i can't seem to find it. Thanks guys, appreciate the help.
  14. just wondering if anyone has any links to a dvd to mp4 converter. I currently use jodix to convert my files but i am hoping to find a converter to convert my dvd's straight to iPod format. I have discovered dvd decrypter and videorea at the moment but this takes a long time. I must state LEGAL links only please.
  15. does anyone have that iPod speaker icon please?
  16. thanks for the host guys, been looking for some of these too.
  17. rapidshare won't let me download it, can anyone host it with megaupload or senfile.com please, or giggeshare, thanks.
  18. is there an original (colour) picture to your wallpaper ntchemist938? if so coul you link me to it either here or via a PM please. Ta v much.
  19. Any questions, feel free to PM me.
  20. perfect man, thanks alot, was EXACTLY what i was looking for (but overlooked when browsing deviantar yesterday). Thanks once again man.
  21. hey guys, i have just recently installed Firefox and as a result i need some advice on which theme would be best matching to my aero 04 theme presently installed. Any recommendations would be great, Thanks.
  22. how come no one else has put massive SS in? Maybe because it is not allowed, a link to the image will do just fine and take a look at the rules at the start of the thread pal.
  23. edit: solved problem, looked at tut i over looked initially.
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