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  1. i haven't got a zune but i can imagine that this is a very hand tutorial for those that have one. i wish someone would have done the same for the iPod when it came out. You have obviously put a lot of effort into this tut, so well done.
  2. There will probably an update to 10/12 at some point. Apple tv is good but i think that windows beat them to it with the media center (i think). Makes me laugh that it has taken X amount of years to be able to watch a dvd on your tv.
  3. good on them, was going to happen sooner or later. wouldn't rush out and get one myself, mainly because with 8gb storage it wouldn't be enough to use as an iPod. Near 30gb or more in my opinion. I can see a new iPod widescreen happening though with in the next 6 months or so, they obviously have the technology for it.
  4. oh awesome, thanks dude, i did search but not hard enough by the looks of it.
  5. Hey guys, can you post any of your good dj icons, more specifically for dj mixing. Thank you all and Happy new Year. opps, spelt the title wrong, if a mod could edit that i would appreciate it (still getting use to my new laptop keyboard). Edit: Can i add this to be turned into an icon, can someone cut out the hand and the knob it is holding and turn it into an icon please? http://www.musictechmag.co.uk/files/Images...o_3_Packsho.jpg
  6. yeah it is strange, i wonder if it is a bug or something we are doing wrong?
  7. I don't know why but my iPod sometimes has more tv shows on it copared to other times. I am wanting to keep the files on my iPod, after i have watched them but iTunes seems to keep some on there and deletes others. For instance i put the latest episode of family guy on it the other day and it sync fine and i watched it but when i looked at it today iTunes had removed it from my iPod (even though the file is stored on my comp) though the box was ticked to sync the file and keep it on my iPod. I am using these options: Sync = all unwatched All TV Shows with iTunes 7 iPod 1.2.1 any help i
  8. faster to upload too http://www.sendspace.com/file/b21bt7
  9. I downloaded the best ones (in my opinion) where they had a trance roots rather than the commercial pop/electronic that i think pridef's directions has gone in now: Music for the soul 6am session Beautifull things Essential Mix Flow Moonlight Dance Numb - [My Fav] Solar Flare 06 King Returns This is MIAMI Let me know if you want any of them?
  10. i have flow, will upload in a second. Here it is: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=D75ILK5E If you want any more ask and i will see what i can do.
  11. Nice one llama, hope all is well for you and the guys at gta - Timbob
  12. did you fill your iPod capacity and as a result iTunes created a playlist entitle "Xx's iPod Selection"? after which you delted the playlist?
  13. just delete/move the photos from the folder that the ipod is designated to read from. When it is next sync with itunes it will read they are moved/deleted and take them off the iPod. Lee, go to this website: http://www.jodix.com/ download the free iPod video converter and transform the videos that you wish to put on your iPod as iPod's can only read a format called mp4 and m4v. The converter will automatically convert the files for you to this format.
  14. May Be NSFW Any questions PM me.
  15. create a new playlist entitled music videos?
  16. i wouldn't mind if someone could develop this as well as chnaging symbols for your status so if you are away the duck has an away sign etc?
  17. i can remember asking the very same questions in the miranda skinning guy and a nice guy called aleph helped me out by sending me his miranda and skins installed, thanks to him i can now skin my miranda successfully. That guide fossi wrote should help you alot!
  18. tahoma works very nicely, thanks very much
  19. my health, my family, the internet, iPod (iTunes as well), water, technology, torrent sites and the people in my life i care most about.
  20. hey guys can anyone recommend a good font to go with my miranda set up? thanks
  21. cool that worked, all i did was copy the new .exe over the old one. Thanks
  22. iPodnova.net podtropolis.com if you have a mac xtorrent is great.
  23. well it comes with the message saying "send error report to microsoft/don't send". Will search the miranda forum.
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