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  1. How do you save the 256px as a .dll? i can't seem to find an option for that, only .iso.
  2. when i got my laptop for xmas it had a designed for windows xp and vista capable sticker on it, just waiting for my vista package to arrive
  3. haha, thanks it is probably one of the better things about me Edit: How come you haven't uploaded a picture :|
  4. Me about a year ago: Me now (2/3 months ago):
  5. haha, sorry dude, that is where i got the idea from must admit, that and finally watching van helsing! Will edit my post . Also i have been trying to install the area04.2 on my comp but in the visual styles box but the display properties can't recognise it, if anyone can help/suggestions, please pm me. Thanks.
  6. Maybe NSFW Getting my new vista upgrade soon! Wallpaper: The Bait - mod by me starring kate beckinsale (NFR), http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/47999503/ if you like the wallpaper, why not go to one that is released! Emnotio by OscarSandee can be found at http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/47902166/
  7. another great release, thank you.
  8. i like it alot, good stuff. Any chance you can make a blueish background?
  9. thanks very much, it was a nice day however it did start to rain at one point and you could see the rain coming from miles away. It was amazing.
  10. Type "gpedit.msc" (without the quotes) in your start>run... menu, go to user configuration>administrative templates>desktop>Remove Recycle Bin from Desktop and enable that. Refresh your desktop and thats it. No need for additional software...
  11. mitts can i have that photoshop icon please? Thanks.
  12. the only thing i can offer is a picture i took on holiday: http://img266.imageshack.us/img266/9131/p72500899nz.jpg
  13. djb, can i have the CDJ icon and the case please? Pm me with them if you could, thanks.
  14. New laptop for christmas, not got round to changing themes etc, not sure if i will though to be honest.
  15. thanks, will do. Does anyone have this icon:
  16. ah i have that one already. Thanks for the upload though.
  17. does anyone have the icon that is in the top left and the quicktime icon too? Thanks.
  18. Hi, was wondering if anyone has any good coffe/mug icons please? Thanks.
  19. hey guys, was wondering if anyone could tell me where to fins this wallpaper: http://img487.imageshack.us/img487/8912/desk4ft6.jpg Thanks in advance.
  20. Nice Shot. Can you link me to that wallpaper please? Thanks.
  21. i would love an iTunes theme, shame it might not happen.
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