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  1. spina, where is that wallpaper from please?
  2. Psychopulse; that wallpaper looks amazing. Hoping for a release soon .
  3. Hey guys, looking for this icon set or icons similar to it with a neon glow. Thanks.
  4. Could you pm me the link to that wallpaper please? Thanks.
  5. NSFW Wall: tremor_by_magda_m Mod by myself [NFR] VS: XP - blah blah updating to vista sooon.
  6. dad did the same with his nano.
  7. wow, some really good stuff there, thanks.
  8. i sure do, thanks veery much for that, i am going to have a play about in photoshop tomorrow. Once again thanks.
  9. dude, that is a really awesome tutorial, really appreciate it. However i got a bit lost at step 5, is it possible to send me the .psd if that is not too much to ask? Want to try and create this affect on a few more models if possible. Once again thank you very much for the tutorial and the time spent. Edit: off to sleep now as it close to midinight hence the lack of reply for 10 hours.
  10. Hey guys, i was wondering if someone could give a tutorial on how to get this affect: from this photo: Just a quick guide if possible, appreciate it. The wallpaper is done by madcaddy.
  11. dont think i properly said thanks, so here it is, thanks.
  12. can i get one too timbob16[at]gmail[dot]com, appreciate it please
  13. 888xw have you got a link for that wallpaper please? Thanks.
  14. love coffee and these icons
  15. haha, only time it will happen for some of us i guess.
  16. Hey guys i have been doing some searching but with no luck. I am trying to find a way to change my desktop icons from the ugly xp icons to the .png 256*px style ones. I believe in order to do this you have to convert the icons. However when i have converted the icons they come out as a .ico file but when i apply these changes it says that the file is unable to be replaced as it is not a .dll file. so to sum up, i would like a (free) software program that enables me to change my desktop icons to the 256*px icons that are similar to the resolution in my Rk Launcher. Thanks for your responses.
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