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  1. probably to do with your join date.
  2. thanks a lot, good release!
  3. which dock is that/skin. And could i have that itunes speaker icon please. Thanks.
  4. it's cool i managed to sort it out, took a while but nailed it. Thanks for those that replied.
  5. A desktop i am finally proud of:
  6. will have a look at it, thanks for replying.
  7. Hey, so i was wondering if someone would be kind enough to send me their miranda IM set up [obviously without their contact details in it] for the unicode 7.0 [vista] with this skin on it: http://chaodam.deviantart.com/art/HUD-Adiu...nda-IM-72176226 Find setting the whole thing up a bit confusing myself. Oh and if the chat windows could be modified as well then that would be awesome! I know it's a bit of a cheeky request but i am hoping someone would be kind enough to sort it for me. Oh and if it is all put into one big .zip as well [i don't like winrar anymore]. Once again thanks.
  8. I know it's said this hasn't been tested for vista yet but is there anything similar to this for vista, or is that still to be developed?
  9. I like this a lot, very good job!
  10. Just found the beauty of the new RK.
  11. Been running vista since late december, love it, start up time is a little slow but other than that it is a nice OS.
  12. Addiction, can i have the second from left icon in your preview for the dock please?
  13. Think it is just a parody as someone else pointed out on another site i am on from this picture:
  14. if i save them as a .jpeg i don't think you can see them in your dock or you can and it has a white square around it. Pm me your email address and i will attach them to an email as a .png and a jpeg if you wish.
  15. i like the old g4 style ones, the new ones aren't very comfortable. Do love the "in ear" ones from the mac store though.
  16. evilmnky204, nice shot, that icon 4th from the right [multicolor], may i have a link to it?
  17. where is that stuff icon from please?
  18. hey guys, just wondering if there are a set of icons that this little one has come from? If not could you post any icons that are similar to it in style? Hope you all had a nice christmas.
  19. Hey guys, could you tell me how to make the dock open on the start of vista please? Thanks.
  20. does anyone know how to get RK launcher to start for vista please?
  21. sorry no preview new vista laptop today [HP Pavillion]
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