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  1. not quite sure what you mean about that, must be because it is close to midnight here. Sounds good though.
  2. i didn't realise i did? Sorry. i am curently looking, i just want to make sure that i find the right things though.
  3. could i be cheeky and ask you to link me to some of those as i am new and am not sure where or what to find them specifically. thank you.
  4. hi new here too and pissed a mod off on my first post which i do apologise for. 17 and a complete amateur to skining which is why i hope to learn some tips from here. Hope i enjoy my stay.
  5. yeah, sorry about that, just re read the rules and changed it to a tag.
  6. yeah, i have just done that now, that is my second post, i will find the thumbnail from imageshack. ta for the feedback
  7. [iMAGE LINKED] this is my current desktop, i am a complete amateur at skining, changed my xp into this mac style via flyakiteosx. But i was just wondering if you guys could help me out with any suggestions for improvements, it would be much apprecited, and anything that is relatively simple to install such as icons etc. thank you very much.
  8. [iMAGE LINKED] 1. what chat program is that? 2. Is that a mac? 3. Compatable with xp? 4. Do you know where i can dl it? i am a complete novice at skining and just though you might be able to help me out. thanks very much! Edit: sorry about page strech. ________________________________________ For the love of Jebus please do the following 1. Read the rules 2. Use tags (both links are in my sig) /Post edited Unbeliever
  9. hey i am new here, been watching teh site from a distance and it seems there are some helpfull people on here and some idiots too (mac_win for one) a bit about me: 17, live in the uk and am at college full time doing my second year of a levels. anyway, joined here to learn a bit more about skinning.
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