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  1. ach, don't get me started on object bar, i had to unistall everything because of it and i too have had to go back to windows.
  2. are they? nice work man! this is exactly what i wanted to finish my "adiumx" style off.
  3. not going to other, will reinstall flykaite at somepoint in the near future (or wait for v3) and leave objectbar alone, never doing that again i tell thee.
  4. yeah they were exactly what i found in my folder, thanks though, appreciate it
  5. i just tried to install objectbar and the tiger taskbar emulator, didn't like it thought it was awful to navigate with so i tried to uninstall it, only it wouldn't let my control panel appear, i reset my computer and uninstalled objectbar and deleted the tiger taskbar .zip and everyhting else now when i go to open some windows such as system monitor, they won't appear, and my taskbar isn't stable, keeps flashing about. please help. it won't even let me get to uninstall flyakite etc!! Edit: or go into control pannel>taskbar and start menu. Edit: i managed to get it sorted, uninstalli
  6. it's quite cool man, i love vector style wallpapers and this is nice
  7. on my dads pc now, doing some photoshop stuff, i will catch you later mate.
  8. hello rappo i might try it out then, does llama use it? Edit: read the tutorial again and found out that instead of the right margin being 5 it needed to be 7. Edit 2: rappo get on msn if you can please mate.
  9. thanks for replying guys, @veysadan i have tried konfabulator before which is kinda similar to avedesk right? and it was good at the time it just gets a bit messy @ppoppe i have set the margins on the right to 0 but it is still off anyother suggestions for anything?
  10. hey, this is my desktop: desktop just wondered if there are any suggestions that you could make so that it is more "mac" like? also, as you can see in my chat window there is that blue avatar for my line of writing, how do i change this? Thank you.
  11. oh right, so it changes when you set your status to away etc? think that is wht you mean?
  12. i found them a while back, it was the global duck icons i was looking for.
  13. i just want to re-illterate what Pixel x said, this guide is very helpful, thanks very much
  14. options> contact list>icons>global status icons> load icon set/import.
  15. ignore this, made a thread about something i managed to do, mods close/delete if you like
  16. @reanchou,link to wallpaper please. Edit: i am suspended? Please pm the reason why unbeliever.
  17. i was wondering this, i know there is one for adiumx and would be nice if it could work for miranda's adiumx theme.
  18. if you want answers to your questions take the time to read the thread.
  19. this is mine but with some more small alterations. http://img386.imageshack.us/img386/9199/desktop8da.png
  20. i swear i looked there! ah well thansk man looks much better.
  21. okey i have another problem too, the spaces inbetween each of my contacts seem to big, see picture attached. Is there anyway to make it smaller?
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